With accumulating toxins  harming us through food, air and water, and the daily stress aggravating the situation, the need for detoxification is crucial. Detoxification is an effective way to strengthen our metabolism, lose weight and revitalise our health. We chose the nutritional juice packages designed to substitute meals for 1-3-5 days by Verve, created by siblings Martha and Kelly Hadjigiannis, that help relax the digestive system and enrich the body with valuable nutrients  enzymes and will help you start new healthier eating habits.  Verve has a line of products designed by Lisa Blair nutritionist and metabolism adviser in London Nutrition Clinic, that includes nine juices (4 green, 3 fruit, 1 carrot, 1 beetroot) and two vegetable milks. Combining the five juices and the milk you get a perfect detox package, while you can choose between 3 different detox programs: Beginners, Signature and Experts. There's also the BESPOKE package, that combines juices with a series of other products. The one day program costs 45 euros, while the three days one 135 euros.



The Βeginners package includes:

Day 1 & 2
Citrus Blast
Beet Boost
Almond Date(nutmilk)
Big Apple

Day 3
Root Guard
Cocoa Bliss (nutmilk)
Big Apple

The BESPOKE package includes:

BESPOKE The package contains:

5 cold pressed juices of 500ml
1 vegetable milk
1 aloe vera beverage dose
1 dose of lemon juice
Psyllium tablets
Herbal tea
Sea salts
Exfoliating Soap

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