Multitasking Products

Products that cover more than one need? Yes please! The big beauty comapanies have already thought of such multitasking products featuring light textures, natural shade and advanced compositions to make lives easier with the end result you're looking for and small enough to fit into a clutch bag.





Highlighter fluid and colour for lips and cheeks, Lolli Tint, Benefit




Dry oil for the face, body and hair, Huile Prodigieuse, Nuxe

At pharmacies.




Miracle Glow Cleanser, Mask & Balm, Charlotte Tilbury 54.43 euro




Long lasting - high shine nail polish, Infaillible Nails, L'Oreal Paris 7.00 euro

At cosmetics stores



  Colour and shine stick for face, cheeks, lips and body, The Multiple, NARS 35.72 euro



Highlighting cream and spf, Naked Skin Beauty Balm, Urban Decay 35.00 euro


Colour for lips and cheeks, Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks, Bobbi Brown





Colour for lips and cheeks, Βaby Doll Kiss & Blush, Yves Saint Laurent

At cosmetics stores





Highlighter pencil for lips, eyes and cheeks,  Wonder Pencil, NYX 3.00 euro



BB highlighter pen, Double Wear Brush-On-Glow, Estee Lauder

At cosmetics stores

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