Strongly associated with femininity, red lipstick is a timeless choice. Instead of the widespread belief that hair or eye colour determines the right red, what will actually guide you in making the correct choice is the tone of your skin.
Very red shades don't suit pale skins. Instead, choose flattering shades with coral and orange tones. On medium skin tones, brighter shades of red work but not those with matte textures. Dark skin tones need deeper red shades whilst lightly tanned skin tones look great with bright red shades, if you're more heavily tanned, go for more transparent red shades. Tip: Your natural lip colour affects the color you've selected. When trying lipsticks, apply them directly onto the lips.


Rouge Dior (No 869 Rouge Massaï), Christian Dior

Rouge Ecstasy (No 512 Maharajah), Giorgio Armani, 32.50 euro


Rouge Allure Velvet (No 49 La Petillante), Chanel






 Dolce Matte Lipstick (Dolce No 619), Dolce & Gabbana



Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick, Estee Lauder







 Red Red Red Lipstick (Lady Bug), MAC




 Rouge Volupté Shine (No 29), Yves Saint Laurent



Matte Lipstick (Dressed to kill), Nars




Lipstick (Tulipe), Chantecaille




The Lipstick (No 01), Sensai