Elena's Diary's top ten metallic eye shadows that you're going to love!
27.11.2014 | 09:00
Loose and compact face powders take their rightful place in your makeup bag.
24.11.2014 | 13:04
Winter trends - nail lacquers.
19.11.2014 | 22:21
Intense lashes give an intensity and a depth to your look so even if you don't tend to use other makeup products, mascara bestows a fresh look in an instant
17.11.2014 | 12:15
Candles create a lovely, warm atmosphere, making you and your loved ones feel familiar and comfortable. Their aromas refresh our daily lives, offering rejuvenation and relaxation from the very first…
13.11.2014 | 09:36
Lipstick was and still is the first beauty product to find in every woman's bag
10.11.2014 | 15:00
Her perfume is her signature
30.10.2014 | 21:19
Advanced compositions and active moisturizing and anti-aging formulas, enclosed in luxurious, gold, glamorous packaging ....several of the iconic fashion brands have released their own range of beauty products that are…
13.10.2014 | 16:24