STYLE AND THE POLITICIANS' WIVES: A disastrous relationship in a disastrous country!

Recently whilst surfing the net, the following title caught my eye: "Wives of the political leaders and their style!" "What style?" I thought to myself and opened the page to read it.

Everyone has their area of expertise, so let the fashion journalists to do their work, analyze the stylistic monstrosity that they are witnessing and create a list of styling tips because the style of Greek politicians' wives is a doleful story!



Αmalia Megapanou, Constantinos Karamanlis, John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy 



Constantinos Karamanlis, Amalia Megapanou



Amalia Megapanou was, is and will always be the only Greek fashion icon 



The style of the First Lady began and ended with one Greek, Mrs. Amalia Megapanou - then Amalia Constantinos Karamanlis. She was, is and will be the only fashion icon First Lady, a woman who was so beautiful that even Jackie Kennedy paled in significance when photographed alongside her.

With that said, let's get back to the present day, to our very, very dark and miserable present day, where in the overall political picture, even good taste is something that we have bid farewell to forever! What do I mean by this you may very well ask? Asides from my personal opinion, I happen to know and like all of these women, whom are all highly educated. In terms of style, most of them however don't really make their mark whilst the more left wingers look like they're on their way for a leisurely bite to eat at the local taverna!

The rest have been clearly influenced by the style of news reporter "Olga TREMI - lights, camera, action .... ". Myself and my colleagues at Elena's Diary therefore got together to face the problem of the styling of the average wife of the Greek politician, face the problem head on and recommend what really suits each of these ladies (with a well intended dose of sympathy and humour).

EVERY woman is entitled, whether she is a public figure or not, to not only look presentable, but to make her presence known, something that can be achieved without spending a fortune. Unfortunately, the parties' communications experts don't have a clue as to how important potential first ladies look and how that counts among women voters.

We at Elena's Diary therefore will lend a helping hand:
a) Because we know what we're doing and we're nice people, and
b) Becuase we're workaholics and take particular attention of difficult cases, such as some of the following instances.



1. Dress, CIPRIANO, 130 euro,

2. White coat, REISS, 360 euro,

3. All in one, AUGUSTA, 95 euro,

4. Heels, TORY BURCH, 340 euro,

5. 18Κ gold ring with precious stones and diamonds, Ιlias Lalaounis.

6. 18Κ gold bracelet with precious stones and diamonds, Iias Lalaounis.

7. Bag, TORY BURCH, 340 euro,

8. 18Κ gold bracelet, Ilias Lalaounis.

9. Dress, HALSTON HERITAGE, 269 euro,


Georgia Kritikou-Samaras

Firstly, I happen to know have known Georgia a long time and know that she is very sweet and low key, so low key that she wants to pass unnoticed!

The point is that it is NOT possible for her to pass unnoticed because she is very tall, used to be thinner and is objectively beautiful, with a pure Greek beauty. The clothes that she wears scream that she's not interested in her styling, she seems almost to hide behind dark monochrome - almost depressing colors. But the worst thing is that this beautiful and very young woman looks like she is uncomfortable in this "uniform" that she has imposed upon herself which, adding insult to injury, makes her look ten years older.

Such a young, tall and shapely woman (especially if she lost a little weight, I know because I starve myself every day for it) should, at least for evening formal occasions, wear a Grecian look with ancient Greek jewelry. Otherwise, a bright white dress coat with a fitted black and white dress with brightly colored shoes.

She has to get used to the idea that a little colour will not make her be taken less seriously. Another suggestion could be an all in one with a jacket and a chic clutch that would show her for what she really is: a young woman who together with her husband makes for a good looking couple. On the plus side, we like the fact that she never has that SALON look hair. 





 1. Clutch, VALENTINO, 370 euro,

2. Dress, PREEN BY THORNTON BREGAZZI, 450.18 euro,

3. Jacket, MAJE, 187 euro,

4. Reading glasses, VICTORIA BECKHAM, 447.50 euro

5. Blouse, JOSEPH, 315 euro,

6. Heels, NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD, 340 euro,

              7. Trousers, JOSEPH, 315 euro,

8. Diamond bracelet, DANELIAN DIAMOND CLUB.

Ada Papandreou

Tall, super polite and with the manner of a friendly university professor, Ada Papandreou has tried to possess a simple, cool style, which however has its pitfalls. First, there's the length of the skirts she wears, fatal - unless you have the legs of Elle Macpherson (which only Elle has even though she's 50), anything above the knee should not be worn when accompanying Georgios Papandreou to public events.

So skirts and dresses should fall on the knee or below it - we'd like to see her in modern line suits, sophisticated, slightly eccentric shoes, which with her style she can easily pull off. Colors in accessories, which must be simple, black special design horn-rimmed spectacles and large bracelets in a cuff style. Never prone to over the top hair or makeup, Mrs. Ada Papandreou's well maintained auburn hair is definitely a plus!





1. Necklace, ASOS, 21.43 euro,

2. Heels, ΚΑLOGIRΟU PRIVATE LEBEL, 160 euro,

3. Dress, ISSA, 321.03 euro,

4. Clutch, L.K.BENNETT, 186 euro,

5. Necklace, TOPSHOP, 40 euro,

6. Dress, ANGELO, 220 euro,

7. Μetallic clutch, ZAC POSEN, 186 euro,

8. Skirt, THEORY, 990 euro

9.  Jacket, RICHARD NICOLL, 922.50 euro,

10. Heels, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, 300 euro,


Betty Baziana-Tsipras

Where do I start?

Let's start with something simple: take a large suitcase that you even forgot existed. Then, systematically put ALL, yes ALL of your clothes in it and in a modest ceremony, bury them somewhere with a view, amidst greenery ......  wherever. Mrs. Baziana is what stylists yearn for, the ultimate fantasy makeover! She may be beautiful, very young, and have glowing skin, but alas, she has no intention of recognising the fact that it is indeed 2015! I've always wondered where girls like this find their alternative clothes .... forelorn boutiques in Exarcheia, Woodstock! Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin are dead, yes, I know it's sad but it's true as is John Lennon. Yoko Ono, the biggest anarchist of them all became a fashion icon with tributes in Vogue, so what Mrs. Baziana are we going to do with you?!

If Mrs. Baziana really wants to rub shoulders with the other first ladies of Europe, I feel that she should, for the sake of this hapless country, get herself prepared for a radical stylistic change which I have the impression will beautify her and highlight her sweetness. Not much funding is actually needed as there are a lot of good inexpensive pieces out there which will highlight her great body. No-one, but no-one can understand how such a young girl (a great plus for her husband the potential next prime minister) tends to hide and look so insecure about her appearance.

Camper style shoes might be just the ticket for mountain excursions on Lake Plastira or taking the kids to the playground but not for the Herodion, the theater or anywhere else where the fashion police may be lurking.

There are wonderful gold flat sandals for the summer Herodium: they're called Ancient Greek Sandals ..... there are also grecian chic simple dresses and suits with more youthful lines and printed dresses (because you like color, I know). But let's be very clear! The red wristband on the ankle must be disposed of, and now. The last prime minister's wife who wore ankle jewelry was Mrs. Dimitra Liani-Papandreou, and that promptly disappeared as soon as she was married. Embroidered jewellery made out of crochet, rope, rubber, suede featuring stones and pebbles etc etc etc must all be removed also. SOS - an immediate appointment at the hairdresser! Cut that hair, find a look, a short bob, the colour can be left as is - natural. As we know you hate makeup, at least try a concealer .....

Stylistic maturity will go hand in hand with the premiership!

If you like the ethnic look, this can easily be translated into ethnic chic or Grecian chic. This is the job of a professional who will help you, and through the process you will begin to love and not snub (if indeed you do) fashion. Consider the fact that there are countries in the world where their first industry is actually fashion! A new new world is being born! Be positive!

Free tip for the husband: it's just one decision - buy a tie! Meetings with political leaders around the world are just around the corner and the tie created in the 17th century is used ceremoniously unless you look back at Mao or Fidel Castro of course.



1. Coat, GUCCI, 1,750 euro,

2. Bag, SAINT LAURENT, 890 euro,

3. Boots, CALVIN KLEIN, 530 euro,

4. Dress, DONNA KARAN 2,998 euro,

5. Heels, CASADEI, 229 euro,

6. Jewelry, ILEANA MAKRI, 2,550 euro

7. Clutch, VICTORIA BECKHAM, 475 euro,



Εleni Tzouli-Kammenou

The fact is that Mrs. Eleni Kammenou is a woman who likes to be informed about fashion, and wear 'in' pieces, but this isn't enough. We'd like to see her with shorter hair as it's just too sexy as is.

In the photo of her at a christening we'd like to see a change in hair colour and the same dress in a nude shade, with sophisticated heels in the same color (not open shoes). A bag-folder in strict lines would definitely give a more robust picture. The small, cute jewelry pieces with colored stones are also a no-go.

For more cultural events, we'd like to see her in an animal print coat with a pair of wonderful pony skin boots that I discovered recently and lusted after for hours. A high quality bag, avoiding bags like the one seen in the photo as well as a) correct make up, avoiding the white pearlescent shades (Julie Massine where are you lurking?), b) thin, very thin, transparent skin coloured tights! Appeances such as these call for tights, fact, unless of course you're Anna Wintour, who is known for hating them.



1. Clutch, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, 210 euro,

2. Dress, VICTORIA VICTORIA BECKHAM, 397.67 euro,

3. Coat, VALENTINO, 1,572.35 euro,

4. Heels, RENE GAOVILLA, 1,065 euro,

5. Dress, IRIS &INK, 239.85 euro,

6. Necklace, OSCAR DE LA RENTA, 495 euro,

7. Sandals, ΟSCAR DE LA RENTA, 300 euro,


Vasiliki Bakatselou-Venizelou  

Restrained and chic, her expensive clothes and accessories do not however try to scream wealth. Mrs. Bakatselou is well aware of the fashion trends but is not lured by the calls of the designers and does not misbehave stylistically. She is however in danger of her style cloning that of TV presenters presenting the evening news. 

Although she's always chic, we would like to see her up her game with pieces from Roland Mouret, Victoria Beckham and all time classic Oscar de la Renta, with a little color. Her simple hair and make up are pluses whilst a few jewelry pieces, a very good watch or pearls would also be a good move.



1. Earrings, OSCAR DE LA RENTA, 67.27 euro,

2. Jacket, JAEGER, 165.01 euro,

3. Shirt, JAEGER, 79.20 euro,

4. Trousers, JAEGER, 130.06 euro,

5. Bag, DKNY, 225 euro,

6. Heels, NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD, 379 euro,

7. Long dress, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, 311 euro,

8. Earrings, KENNETH JAY LANE, 73.80 euro,

9. Sandals, ANCIENT GREECE SANDALS, 120 euro,


Νiki Thodoraki

Mrs. Theodorakis may have the physical and beauty attributes - but she needs a professional stylist to help her with her style. She would look absolutely wonderful in a total Armani or Calvin Klein look, but as no Greek (except for a few) is currently investing in haute couture, let alone in the uncertain future, we will just have to adapt a cleaner cut look without the polka dots and the like that we've seen her in, because, after all, her husband is a political leader. If the lady was an artist, a painter for example, she could dress in Marni, Bottega Venetta etc., but as we said, there is no money, and I've actually forgotten there ever was any. Clean lines, therefore, a neat groomed bob (probably needing a bit of a blow dry) and very simple jewelry. A luminous complexion and soft make up - or a nice red light lipstick would also look great.