“A professional's secrets”

For the last twenty five years, my professional occupation has to do with the fashion world. I am following the fashion collections of each season,and I am analyzing them, I compare them with the previous ones and I am decoding trends and influences. That is the key,in order to create the magic mixture that a fashion magazine should include.

On this editor's note, I would prefer not to analyze the trends, the colors, or the lines of this season. Not even the heights and lengths, the width of the shoulders and the oversized coats and jackets. It is inevitable not to find them out. What I would like to present to you, is my own FASHION world- the world that I have inside my DNA- after all this years of responsible working. I have loved fashion for all my life. I have worked inside the industry, for a living, as a fashion designer and as stylist but what I consider my biggest and latest achievement was Greek "Vogue", where I worked as the Chief editor. Fashion taught me how to evolve my own personal style, as a women, trust me I have done many mistakes in the past by following trends taken directly from the catwalks. I have also followed some extremities of fashion, that have only lasted for some months and then the were forgotten in the back of my walking closet. What I am proud and glad of is, that I learned how to be confident inside my well known and less known brand clothes without felling that overtaken by fashion. Style is not something you get by wearing luxurious brands, and I am well aware of that.


Iris Apfel

Grace Coddington

During all these years, I was lucky enough to be indroduced to, the chief editor of the American "Vogue", Ann Wintour, the fashion director of the magazine, Grace Coddington, the former editor-in chief of the French "Vogue" Carine Roitfeld and Iris Apfel. These women, have a unique and charming, but very different personalities. One thing they share in common is that: they don't look like any other woman, they have created their own image. None of the four women, get influenced by the fashion trends, especially Ann Wintour and the nighty years old Iris Apfel, have turned them self into a unique persona.

These fashion icons, aspire us to understand, that style and expensive accessories must not cover up our personalities, and they set the example. To be stylish you have to be the master of the game, "what should I wear today", even if you make the mistake to dress up with the safe choice of a total black look. You should know, how to make the difference, and as Iris Apfel said: "Honestly, women today take dressing way too seriously. Fashion shouldn't get to a point where it makes you unhappy. Because when you're unhappy, you look older. I do not intellectualize what I wear. I just put on what I feel like."

Carine Roitfeld

Anna Wintour

At this point I would like to share with you, my own thoughts, and all the conclusions I came up after of all this years of hard working and after spending more than what was necessary.
Read international fashion magazines. They don't only include expensive pieces, that are addressed to irrational people. Fashion magazines also suggest more affordable looks, and styling tips. Learn how to decode what you see.

- Create your own fashion persona and stay loyal to it. Don't change your style often. It is one of the most unsafe thing to do.
- Stay loyal, to the length, the style and the mood that looks good on you, according to your body shape. Not everything is for everyone.
- Don't get too much influence by stylists and fashion designers, because probably when they were inspired they had a very ideal image in their minds.
- Don't mix more that two or tree colors a time. Only few women, could mach many colors together.
- Include only one- extravagant piece on your look, if you want to impress. For example, if your hair color is a very vivid red, or really blond, you have to follow a more conservative style-unless you are Rihanna's sister.
- Invest on accessories. A pair of nice shoes, could save your look, even if you are wearing often the same outfit. The same principle goes with bags. If you are petite, the bag and the shoes should be in accordance with you height. One of the most unattractive things to do if you are small, is to wear a 20 inches high heel, even if it's a Louboutin. This could look vulgar, and shows your insecurities.
- Wear the right size. Nothing is worst the really tight clothes-mostly when you are juicy-.
- Don't follow the casual and out of bed look of the stars and famous, if you are not super familiar with it. Only a few could follow up with it. Don't forget that most stars have a 24/7 stylist following them around- and you, could only achieve to look like a homeless.
-Follow your age. We all agree, that a good looking 50 years old women, must be cleaver, thin, fit and look like if she's in her 40's, but it sad to wear your young daughters clothes. -Remember that whatever we do, our look and our maturity betrays our true age. Forget the leather and jean shorts, and let the younger ones, wear them,on the Saturday night's out. Of course we make an exception if you are Elle MacPherson's-50 years old- step sister.
-Try not to have a very "preppy"hair style and don't over do it with the make up. Only young girls that are experimenting with their style could try that.
-Try to shop based on quality and not on quantity. Especially nowadays, shopping has became a luxury-especially for mothers and women with a very low budget. Spend with wisdom.
-Don't offer your old clothes, or trough them away. What goes around, comes back around.
-The last two are the most import, put some more effort on them:

-Believe and trust yourself
-Invest on your good mood, even if everything goes the other way around, turn your back to the problems and get stylish.

Hello! Fashion, Issue 1