Stylistic survival instructions in the country of recession

The way that I could better convey the joyous, full picture of a consumer magazine I was running as part of a crumbling Greek society and economy was something that caused me permanent stress when I was writing my editorials in «Vogue Hellas», especially in the years 2010-12! Naively, I thought that the situation would expand and bring some balance; I assume that was happening with all Greeks. As 2014 is going down, the crisis keeps plaguing our country- even resurgents intermittently. But life goes on and we have to prevent and - above all - to find ways to move forward. Magazines continue to come out, shops are equipped with new products, Greek and foreign designers show collections of clothes and accessories and all, merchants and consumers are looking for mechanisms to continue to live. There is no income without having suffered cuts, so our markets have become much more conscious, depending on the ability of each, and certainly more flexible - a skill that all of us developed to intelligently combine the old with the new, the expensive with the less expensive. Hello! Fashion has much be loved because it is absolutely friendly, not at all snobbish, without stylistic constraints. It displays a relaxed way for a woman to get more style, analyzing the style of celebrities and decoding fashion trends in a way that fits with every budget! Through a "sea" of clothes, accessories, jewellery, watches, cosmetics, but also the presence in its pages of international and domestic stylish stars, you will relax and you will make your own combinations, depending on your budget. Remember that Hello! Fashion gives you the best piece of information, as it is worked out by qualified professionals with a basic principle: it "lives" in the scene that has been formed in Greece and not in that of foreign thriving markets.


I feel doubly liberated in this editorial. Free to take another path, instead of analyzing in detail which are the fashion trends of this winter or next summer. Free from the forced condition to write - just for doing it - another editorial regarding fashion, one of those that could disorient you in these difficult times and you could find in many other magazines, sprinkled with the necessarily established of fashion journalists. Therefore, I will limit to my favorite quotes that -according to you- are the most beneficial. I love it to be honest and in to the point, and I am glad that I can give you some empirical advice for elegant survival in the Greek economic crisis! Here we go:

1. Do a thorough research of old and new pieces in your wardrobe. Try them all and at the end after a study of trends, end up to the most updated. Withdraw the rest of your clothes in suitcases in the storeroom, in order not to lie constantly on your feet and confuse you...

2,Check thoroughly your black clothes. THey are timeless. . Check in what condition they are, if their color remains alive or shows damaged and whitish. If so, don't keep it unless you want to look like the The Little Match Girl. The same happens with black accessories....

3. Do not rush to throw an old piece. For example in my photograph on page 143 you will see that I wore a last year Zara (information free for my beloved friends who say that I wear only expensive clothes- they know me so little!) and because it was quite short and at this phase, I feel "fat", I wore underneath an Anna Molinari jersey skirt with ruffles15 years old, and I finished the look with my mother's old necklace from the 70s . The only expensive thing of my look, was a pair of Gucci boots, bought eight years ago in Italy.

4. If you want to invest in something expensive, I'm saying it again: choose a bag, a pair of shoes or a watch.

5. If you like delicate jewelry such as charms, hearts etc. it is good to know that they are only for... personal use, intended solely to cheer you up and mainly wore through clothing. If you want to go one stylistic step above, prefer large and impressive necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, objects that seem like pieces of art. You won't need to wear an expensive outfit with these jewelry, because they gain the attention by themselves.

6. Do not throw out your old coats. With a waist belt, black or brown suede and with a real or fake fur collar everything can change...

7.If you are a typical Greek brunette, wear jewelery of ancient Greek aesthetic . It is the first step to create your own special persona.

8. Do wear accessories with colors. Turquoise, coral, electric blue, neon or fluo. Do not be afraid ...

9. Combine an evening shirt, accessories or cardigan with jeans or black collant and wear them in the morning. The contrast creates style and makes you look special and bold.

10. A simple morning outfit is literally transformed when combined with an evening necklace.

11 .Do not wear too much make up in the morning and do not wear extensions. Besides destroying your healthy hair, you will look like a playboy bunny in the villa of Hugh Hefner. If you color your hair blonde, even though you are brunette (that means that you belong to 99.5% of the Greek women), color your hair roots ash blonde. There is nothing worse than a normal woman (unless you are Carolina Kurkova) with too blonde root.

12.Do not copy the Greek tv personalities. It's a vicious cycle of aesthetics and a dark chapter in the history of fashion. The most of them confuse the TV studio with the nightclub and they show up with both too much make up and outfit, like it is 365 days a year, New Year's Eve. So relax and with the little help of the specialists of HELLO! Fashion Magazine decode your needs, do smart shopping moves, recycle your clothes and accessories, and conquer your style easily and with low budget.