Bookcases have always held a special place in my life, especially in my personal space. I presently don't have one in my small office which to say the least is just too small, Throughout my professional career, I have always placed a large bookcase behind my desk primarily for filing purposes. I also used them to store my favourite books which I used for research-themes for magazines, and more personal momentos, gifts, even greeting cards from various influential people with whom I had developed a friendly relationship as well as what I considered were small works of art.




This Pop art bookcase bought at a happy point in my life used to be located in my old office and held old editions of VOGUE, Vanity Fair and rare books. I'm not being nostalgic, I'm looking forward and adapting. 


The same applies to my home where various bookcases showcase my many books which need to be organised as well as other items which I want to be able to see because they inspire me, remind me, let me dream.   

During the holidays I set myself the task of organising; some items were sent to the garbage can, others were given away, and others were arranged elsewhere in my home. Even a round column in my house found a new role, it became a bookcase whilst my childrens' bookcases (which are always a mess) have their own unique style as I wanted them to be different. I'm taking you on a tour through each photograph of my world, the world of a workaholic working in the media as well as that of a housewife who everyday finds herself cleaning and rearranging!


A green sculpture created by my daughter for graduation alongside an electronic art piece and a sketch of Coco.



On the shelf below a 'thank you note' from Roberto & Eva Cavalli.

This bookcase used to be a light beige colour. Turning it into a dark enough brown took two months of my life!


Books, magazines, beloved items were all organised; spot lighting was essential if I was ever going to find anything of course!


In the centre an artwork and beloved framed photos! Men always moan about an overabundance of frames - they might have a point - but I'm the boss at home!