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The name of Elena Makri is synonymous with creativity; with her foresight creating the magazines that trained the Greek public in what was a rather "tired" concept of lifestyle. Reference points in her career include "Life & Style" as well as the editorsip of Greek "Vogue". Today, she is the editor of "Hello!" and "Hello! Fashion", which constitute a new creative challenge. And the name Elena's Diary? What convinced her to look at an online project? "Within the general gloom that we are experiencing, I saw it as a lifeline for my creativity. If you do not create, you experience an intellectual death. Just as ''Hello! Fashion '' brings together all the components that drive my creative life – good taste, beauty, fashion, human stories - my blog is a new, important chapter for me, "she confesses.

On www.elenasdiary.com, one meets one hundred percent of her personality. Each "click" is an entry point into her world, which is interesting, multidimensional and makes you travel. "In my blog, you'll come across rare pictures and video, archives, mythical stories, remarkable interviews, fashion, beauty, decor, travel, hotels, beautiful objects. Some are inaccessible, whilst others are accessible. I can wear four less expensive pieces with an expensive accessory which transforms my entire outfit. This is what I want to convey to my online friends - fashion affordable items. I also work with renowned professionals, which I appreciate. I often ask myself why I created the blog. I did it because we need some time to calm the soul, we need an escape from the miserable news that confronts and immobilizes us. And this is what you see on elenasdiary.com, it's not about just shopping but escapism" she explains.


With regards to fashion, in recent years, there have been many misunderstandings in our country. And this is something that preoccupies her: "Nobody in the world shops "total looks" from international designers. We don't only address the the elite of the buying public, that said, this does not detract from the blog's identity aesthetics. Magazines worldwide are also going through their own crisis. But we will continue to exist. Simply, there is a new class of women who loves the internet. And this is the woman that I address through elenasdiary.com. I write every day, I photograph objects. Because of ''Vogue'' and ''Life & Style'' I had developed a special communication through e-mails with my readers. Today, despite the fact that the blog has been up and running for a few days, I am feeling that feeling again, only this time it is translated by the clicks, likes and shares on social media. I take joy and I thank all my readers" she highlights.
Being the devil's advocate, one wonders what another blog can add as several high-profile ladies from Greek showbiz share their stylistic concerns online. "You are not entitled to call yourself a fashion blogger if you do not have personal relationships with major designers, if you have not worked and studied fashion, if you have not attended international shows. Without this, you're just a hobbyist. Let's make that clear." From the meetings she has had, she highlights Karl Lagerfeld, because of his education, by Oscar de la Renta, for his chivalry, as well as the Anna Wintour, for what she has accomplished.

"It was the 60s, the era of the readymade. I opened the first fashion journal. I watched the seamstress for hours rehearsing. It was love. Later, I made clothes on my dolls. Later, I photographed my girlfriends wearing scarves. And then I became a designer. I 10 years old, my only companions were my sketches. This is how I escaped my childhood," she recalls. And she has done well, after becoming a fashion designer close to Michael Polatof and later one of the first Greek stylists at "Pantheon" and "Marie Claire" she became fashion director of "I" and then director of the magazine. Then came the creation of "Life & Style". The rest, is history: editor of "Vogue Hellas" and the woman who insisted fanatically on issuing Hello!" In Greece.

She is convincing, even when asked to answer the always complex question regarding "fashion and style" and has this to say: 1. "Fashion is the trends of the moment. By itself, fashion is a firework. Our job is to teach people to dress well. Style is what matters, not fashion. It has nothing to do with what I buy, but what I do with what I buy." 2. "A woman has to work her personality, not to be prey to the desires and the image she has for herself." 3. "Only when one has a clear picture of what they actually are and develops on that in order to avoid becoming a wandering caricature." 4. "There are many women who follow extreme tendencies, without being able to support them." 5. "Every woman should invest in an expensive pair of shoes, a bag and in a good watch. Everything else, can be configured around those items."
Let's say no more. If you like what you have read, take a look at www.elenadiary.com

Interview: Aris Kavatzikis


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