Elena Nathanail poses for "Paris Match" wearing the Fabulous Jewels of the Stathatou Collection


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Elena Nathanael, poses at the atrium of the National Archaeological Museum for "Paris Match": The year is 1966 and the rising star a mere 19 year old poses wearing ancient Greek jewelery from the Heleni Stathatou collection of the National Archaeological Museum for photographer Jack Garofalo. The photograph was spotted by Mr. Theodore Metalinnos and the research was conducted by archaeologist. Kostas Pashalidis.
It seems that in 1966, Helen Stathatou and the Ministry of Culture consented to a photo shoot that today would be unthinkable: A young girl that reprsents Greek beauty wearing the fabulous original ancient jewelry for a special issue of the French magazine "Paris Match" promoting Greece.
Thus the archaic "eartag of sphinxes" from Argos, one of the two elaborate armbands and the dactylic "snake" ring from the "treasure of Karpenisi" and the necklace of Troy, from the Stathatou Collection were worn by Elena and the moment was imprinted indelibly in time. Noone was worn these fabulous pieces ever since and the  decicion to allow this shooting remains unprecedented.



Source: www.facebook.com/Έλενα-Ναθαναήλ-Elena-Nathanail