Bond's boat goes on sale

If you haven't already, you might be planning to see SPECTRE this weekend. I don't think I'm giving away any spoilers here if tell you the story draws together plotlines from all three previous Daniel Craig movies, Casino Royale included. You will remember Casino: Bond earning his 00-rating, chasing bad guys across the world before ending up sailing in to Venice on what's possibly the most beautiful yacht you have ever seen. Well that boat - that actual boat - has just gone on the market. Soufrière is a 54ft wooden sloop built in the UK at Spirit Yachts' Ipswich yard. Like all the boats designed by Spirit's self-taught founder Sean McMillan, it fuses traditional boat-building craftsmanship with a state of the art approach to structural, keel hill and rig design. Like all McMillan's boats, it elegantly combines beauty, luxury and comfort with performance. Displacing just eight tonnes and carrying an awful lot of sail (1140sq ft) it finished second among Class 1 Modern Classics at this years Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge regatta and won the Ladies' Cup. When Telegraph Luxury visited McMillan in 2013, he explained the lengths Spirit was obliged to go to to meet the producers' requirements - including taking Soufrière first to Miami, then Barbados and Croatia before finally arriving in Venice. Each change of location required taking down the mast, a two day job. To film on the Grand Canal the mast needed dropping again, re-erecting and then down again once filming was complete. In total the rig went in and out ten times. "I had to phone them and say we just couldn't afford to do it. The schedule also involved a 1,500 mile upwind voyage from the Bahamas to US Virgin Islands. Very tough. But they said they'd pay. Most people pay them so they must have really wanted it," said McMillan at the time. The scenes on the yacht either side of the movies' denouement however were some of the most beautiful ever to have a graced a Bond movie. "It was the first sailing boat on that part of the Grand Canal in 300 years," McMillan told us. After filming, Soufrière (the name of a dormant volcano on Guadeloupe) was sold to a customer, an experienced sailor and racer in southern Ireland with whom she has lived exclusively until now. Back in Ipswich, Soufrière has been repainted and minor repairs made to the cap rail damaged in Cowes last year. She is currently undergoing fresh sea trials and will come out of the water in November for a complete re-varnish. Spirit is currently building its 58th boat, having launched a 65ft and 74ft boat in the last 12 months and an ultra-luxury 105ft is scheduled for construction in the new year (Spirit's largest boat to date is the 100ft Gaia). Soufrière has double cabins with en suite bathrooms, measures 54ft 9in, 11ft in the beam and draws 7ft 4ins. Its Yanmar engine produces 54bhp. Contact Spirit if you have "in excess of £600,000" to spend on completing your own Bond lifestyle.








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