Fiona Von Thyssen: Alexander Onassis' last great love speaks about his mysterious death


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Fiona von Thyssen, the daughter of an English officer of the Royal Navy, a former model for '' Vogue '' and the ex wife of Baron Heini Thyssen was 32 years old and the mother of two children when she met young Alexander Onassis at a party given by his mother, Tina Livanos. Fiona was a close friend of Eugenie Niarchos, both women having daughters of the same age, and a familiar figure in St. Moritz, where she lived for ten years with her husband and remained after their divorce. Her acquaintance with Alexander became a stormy love affair that was met with publicity and was strongly contested by his father Aristotle.


Fiona Campbell-Walters models duchesse satin ballgown

Fiona Campbell-Walters when working as a model for '' Vogue '' in the 50s.


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The couple was constantly haunted by the paparazzi.





"That period of my life was full of anxiety" Fiona told in an exclusive interview for '' Life & Style '' magazine toChristos Zampounis. "Alexander's father tried to make me feel as second-class citizen. Not only because I was divorced with two children and older than Alexander. What really worried him was that I " trained "his son. His tyranny was such that he stopped Alexander from school at the age of 17 because he skipped lessons to go with a girl on the Riviera. His father, took away his future, his education. Alexander's last plans were to come with me to Switzerland and go back to the university. "




Everything was overturned when in January 22nd, 1973 Alexander's plane crashed at the Elliniko airport right after takeoff. Alexander Onassis was seriously injured and died on 7 pm on 23 January due to heavy brain injury at the age of 25 years. "Onassis asked me after the accident if I thought that it was a murder. The facts are as follows: Alexander was to come to England for the wedding of my brother. So, he was not supposed to be in Athens, so we can not talk about premeditated murder. The plane may of course have been the target of sabotage. But these are all rumours. The lawyer of Alexander's copilot, Stuart Speitzer, wrote a book about the accident and found out that all the people related to the accident have since died".




At the funeral of Alexander..


"His death is a wound that has never left me. I will not forget our last conversation. I was at the bedside of my mother, who was ill in London, and he was in Athens. We talked about whether the cause behind airplane accidents should be revealed to the public. Such an irony of fate ... ".




Fiona in a recent photo, an example of timeless beauty.


After the death of Alexander Onassis, Fiona continued to have strong ties to Greece, finding a life partner in entrepreneur Dimitris Vitos, and maintaining a beautiful home in Mykonos.


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