The truth about Charles and those gay rumours


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Yesterday, American tabloid Globe Magazine came out with a rather interesting cover story. According to the magazine Prince Charles' "secret gay life has been blown wide open by shocking photos of the love-sick royal in a sizzling lip-lock with his toy boy beau. Palace insiders say the explosive pictures — snapped by a mole in the monarchy — dash any chance Charles had to sit on Britain's throne!
His mother, Queen Elizabeth, is stunned by the images and now more determined than ever to make her favorite grandchild, Prince William, her heir".



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It is not the first time that the Globe comes out with such a story about Charles and certainly not the first it prints an outrageous claim about the Windsors. Through the years according to the Globe the Queen is on death's door and ready to pass the throne to William, bypassing Charles, who is to be divorced from Camilla. They printed a story about Diana having a secret daughter and another about Kate being pregnant with twins. The Globe unlike National Enquirer that has run stories that turned out to be true like the John Edwards cheating scandal, is more known for the wild imagination of its writers than for its accuracy.

Even though what the Globe reports adds up to nothing- the photos do not show the Prince french kissing the boy, what the camera has captured is the moments between what is more likley than not a peck on the cheek, rumors about the sexual life of the Prince have circulated for some years now.

In 2003 the forme valet to Prince Charles, claimed that he was raped by another member of Charles stuff, Michael Fawcett.Smith also claimed that he had seen Fawcett and Charles having sex one morning when he went to the bedroom of the Prince to serve breakfast.




Charles and Michael Fawcett who no longer works for the prince.


The prince's statement, which did not name Smith, described the man making the allegations as suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and alcoholism after service in the Falklands War.

"He has, in the past, made other unrelated allegations, which the police have fully investigated and found to be unsubstantiated," the statement said. Smith, 43, worked for Prince Charles for 11 years until 1997.

In any case, the incident "simply could not have happened," said another ex-servant, Simon Solari.

Solari told the Evening Standard newspaper that Smith would never have been in a position to witness the incident he says he saw. In defending Charles, Solari also put more details into the public domain, but with little explanation.

"It would not have been in George's remit to attend the prince or serve him tea in his bedroom, that was a job for the senior valet," Solari was quoted as saying.

"The Prince of Wales does not have breakfast in bed. It did not happen in my day, anyway," he said.

"Anyone who knows the Prince of Wales at all would appreciate that the allegation is totally ludicrous and, indeed, risible," his secretary Sir Michael Peat said in an unprecedented statement on the matter.

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Besides how can the man who was caught on tape wishing to be reincarnated as his mistress' tampon be gay?
Still homosexuality and the Windsor family are old friends.




Lord Louis Mountbatten was certainly bisexual and was famously rumored to have had an affair with Edward VIII when he accompanied the young Prince of Wales on his Empire tours . Another "close friend" was an Irish student whom he met at Cambridge Peter Murphy who became Mountbatten's close and constant companion till the end of his life. Lord Louis, who would go on to become Governor of India married Edwina, a fabulously wealthy socialite, who was to have a torrid affair with Panditji Nehru, Prime Minister of India.




Before his marriage to Marina of Greece, The Duke of Kent he is supposed to have enjoyed the company of thin blonde men. He was arrested for engaging in homosexual activity at least once, but released when his identity was confirmed. The papers may not have reported on his indiscretions, but all of high society knew about them. To this day his papers are sealed at Windsor Castle, and no researchers are allowed to look at them...


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