Christina vs Jackie: The Onassis War




Christina Onassis was one of the first to learn that Jackie Kennedy was having an affair with her father. Aristotle Onassis told her so himself knowing he could rely on her staying silent on the matter. Christina indeed remained silent all the while hoping that Onassis's interest in the most famous widow of the world would die out soon. However she quickly realized that things were serious. When she accompanied her father and Jackie on a cruise in the Caribbean, she found Jackie dull,  and too appreciative of her father's luxurious life. Christina had never liked Maria Callas blaming her for wrecking her parent's marriage. Still she never doubted her feelings for Onassis.  That was not the case with Jackie... 



RG Jackie-Ari-Onassis



When Christina found out that it was not only her father who wanted to marry Jackie, who was 28 years his junior, but that JFK's widow was also very much looking forward to it, her ambiguous feelings for Jackie  turned into a deep dislike.  





Jackie was the epitome of chic, always gracious, speaking in that whispery voice of hers, sophisticated and also rather cold, while Christina was earthly, loud, and incontrolable. They were bound to clash. 






When Christina would talk to her friends about Jackie she would label her "my father's unfortunate obsession". To close family members she reffered to her simply as "i kyria". When she found out that her father and Jackie had decided to get married in Scorpios and had set a date she threw a tantrum.  But her father ignored her reaction as well as his son's who also belived Jackie was a gold-digger. Both siblings were afraid that their father would be publicly humilaited for marrying a woman that was so younger than him. Onassis tried to reassure his children by ensuring that his marriage to Jackie would not affect their share on his fortune.  He gave Jackie $ 3,000,000 in cash before their wedding in Scorpios. Christina attended her father's marriage but refused to be photographed. Throughout the mystery she was weeping in silence ...




Onassis had hoped that Jackie's elegance and good manners Jackie would somehow get passed along Christina. He sent Christina to New York and Jackie took her out shopping, dining, visiting theaters and museums, she organized dinners and introduced her to members of New York's society and artists. But the difference between the two women was so profound that Christina not only did not look up to her as a role model, but did everything to differentiate herself from Jackie.  It soon became clear that neither Jackie nor her new daughter had much in common and further contacts were avoided. Nevertheless Christina was still polite to the wife of her father in public. Not only she attended the party for her fortieth birthday  but danced excitedly until dawn.  Christina's dislike for Jackie though only grew when she learned of her spending ways and how she was throwing away her father's fortune. Her worst fears were confirmed.  





The only good thing out of her father's marriage for Christina were Jackie's children, Caroline and John junior. Christina formed an instant bond with them and grew to love them both very much. 



jacqueline christina

 When her father's health took a turn for the worst, Christina stayed by his side until his death in February 1975. Jackie was in New York when she was informed that her husband was dead. Arriving in Athens along with Christina for the funeral, Jackie, in Valentino was smiling for the photographers. En route to the cemetery in Scorpios, Ted Kennedy started talking to Christina about Jackie's compensation. Christina stopped the care and left in a rage.






In the end she gave Jackie $ 26 million knowing that under Greek law she could claim a lot more. After that it was forbidden to bring up Jackie in front of Christina. If someone made the mistake, her mood would sour in an instant. Christina famously said "I have never met a more avaricious person in my life. I would have given her fifty times as much of what I gave her, if I could ensure that would never have to see her again in my life" ...