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Jeremy will not be happy about this

Jeremy, Audrey, Pine, Ember, Bode

Sharing pics of him while he's sleeping

r/LittlePeopleBigWorld - Jeremy will not be happy about this
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kinda looks similar to my cat

u/CriminalVixen avatar

That cat is too adorable to be with them!

Exactly my thoughts!

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u/Gold-Impact-4939 avatar

Hey kitten.. blink twice fast if u need saving!!!

That kitten is adorable

It is. Is that a filter or is its fur that lightly colored?

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u/realitytvaddict22 avatar

Oh brothers

Lol he looks just like Amy

and Zach

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Sorry Jerm. 😆 I had to take this picture and then instead of showing you how cute the cat was I decided to post it for a few thousand of my closest strangers to see 🥺

u/dimpled_processing53 avatar

I never realized just how much Germ looks like Ames but in this picture the resemblance is uncanny.

I always said Jeremy looks like Amy’s brothers

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Like he cares, she's paying his bills while he sits on his bunk ass 🙄

u/SulamithWulfing avatar

Lol, yep, I think she does whatever the hell she wants. When he protest she just keeps filming while laughing. I don’t think Audrey takes Jeremy seriously at all and really why should she. They are already in their 30’s and what has Jeremy accomplished besides a few hobbies and rigging up an enormous Christmas tree.

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Does she have friends? Legitimately curious bc I am not an avid watcher and don't know much about her but the by the posts on her she seems like she needs interaction with other adults or something and she's using social media outlets as her friends and only friends. Like she just needs to get out her hyper need for interaction, attention and possibly narcissistic supply by just being around a bunch of other people like herself

u/Harryhood15 avatar

In general if find intrusive to take anyone’s picture while they sleeping.

I’ve been an avid napper my whole life, my mom took tons of pics of me sleeping up until I moved out. Even though SM wasn’t a thing, she would NEVER post this. Now my bestie and her baby are staying with me and if they fall asleep together I always take pics and send them to her and her ONLY. She loves it but my god if I put it on IG shed not be happy!

He looks so much like his mom in this pic.

u/idoneredditalreadyy avatar

In season 6 or 7 when Amy met up with her siblings for a trip they showed pictures of her brother as a kid and Jeremy looks so much like him. Def takes after his moms side

That's what I've always said. He looks like Roger

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He even sleeps annoyed.

Whyyyyyyyy do people do this? Is this to be cute? I would smack someone if they took and posted photos of myself! Ha!

I HATE this kind of stuff. I’d be incredibly pissed if someone did it to me.

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He’s dreaming about where to bury Oddj’s body on that *farm.

u/SulamithWulfing avatar

Literally LOL.

u/starfleetdropout6 avatar

Almost spit out my coffee. 💀

u/dimpled_processing53 avatar

No you didn't 🤭

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Hilaria does the same thing. Is there some sort of a fetish out there with sleeping people?



Carmen took this lol


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u/phosphatecalc avatar

I would be so uncomfortable with this

Wow. Crossing a line. Crop him out or cover his face.

Woah, massive invasion of privacy. Taking pics when sleeping, in the bathroom etc. you just don't do.

Wow! No hat!!

Too intentional this time, Oddj.

u/Informal-Protection6 avatar

Oof that’s such an invasion of privacy. I’d be furious if my husband did that to me and likewise. It’s just very inconsiderate.


If I was jer I'd probably steal her phone and make ridiculous posts of me opera singing and post to her story. Or is that not her respecting her role as the main income source?

u/That_Girl_Cray avatar

The kitten is adorable!

u/AhabsPegleg avatar

I love it so much 😫

u/SulamithWulfing avatar

She really is a cutie.,

Lol that was my first thought too. Then I was like oof, hope she asked his permission before posting though (Jer's, not the cat).

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JFC. Just let the guy try to nap away the depression already.

u/teresasdorters avatar

Like it’s really easy to crop him out odj!! What the hell

Can you imagine not being able to sleep in your own home thinking your wife is sharing pictures with the world.

I doubt anyone is look at Jer, that cat is so flipping cute!!!! This coming from a dog person!

agreed, aspen is a cutie

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u/Ambitious_Ad_7433 avatar

I wonder if his parents divorce will impact him….will he stay no matter how he feels or say life’s too short and divorce to avoid decades of unhappiness??

u/OldSouthernGal avatar

And then what would he do? From what we can tell, he has no way to support himself. Until he gets a job, he's stuck whether he's happy or not.

u/dimpled_processing53 avatar

Hopefully they both realize how unhappy with each other they are and how empty the relationship is. I'm sure being "marriage experts" 20 minutes after tying the knot and writing their book makes them feel like they must hold on no matter the cost.

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Here for the cat pics

He’s going to start sleeping in his jack shack…errr….I mean garage/shop.

I bet he took that himself and blamed Auj

He needs to turn the tables on her, take her pic at her absolute worst, appearance-wise, with a cute, little comment added. Unless she gets a taste of her own, disgusting medicine, I doubt she'll stop this intrusion on his privacy at all times.

u/dimpled_processing53 avatar

Have you not seen her posts?? She already does that, pretty much daily.

If he does that he's not getting laid until 2024

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u/Septimberfirstrealty avatar

🤣😂😂 she’s going to get dumped

She's such a vile cunt who thinks she's an angel which makes it so much worse

u/AugustWest7120 avatar

Damn, gotta lay off the sauce my guy.

u/-Agrippa-Venture9803 avatar

It’s either that or being sober and living with Auj 😝

u/AugustWest7120 avatar

Oh, for sure! I’d be blackout, a lotttt.

In all seriousness though, I hope the guy ditches the booze. It’s showin on him.

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u/foxmag86 avatar

I couldn't imagine being married to someone who doesn't respect your privacy. At any moment you could be put on display for a million followers.

u/Love_for_2 avatar

She could have put sticker over his head if she just wanted to show the cat off

Especially given the fact he has been filmed his whole life and probably did not enjoy it. It’s abusive. Have some respect Oddj.

u/dimpled_processing53 avatar

That's a BIG ask for this narcissistic twerp.

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She could easily have taken that picture or cropped that picture to be of thr cat if that's what she claims she's wanting to show.