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Caleb Willingham, who appeared on 1000-Lb Sisters, has died. Willingham briefly appeared on the controversial reality TV series as Tammy Slaton’s love interest. Willingham and Slaton were married at the time of his death. According to TMZ, Willingham died on July 1, but details are sparse. The publication reached out to a family member who confirmed that the 40-year-old Indiana native had died, but they did not wish to provide any further details. 

Slaton hasn’t shared any details about Willingham’s passing either, but she did take to social media to mourn the loss. In an Instagram post, the reality TV star called Willingham an “angel” and thanked him for showing her what real love and happiness looked like. The post included several photos of the duo together. All the images shared appeared to be taken on the same day, sometime in late 2022. 

How did Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham meet?

Willingham and Slaton met while they were both in a rehab setting for patients with food addictions. The duo, both struggling with obesity, began dating in 2022 and married quickly. Their wedding was featured on 1000-Lb Sisters. Slaton seemed overjoyed to find love. 


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While the romance was a whirlwind, it didn’t last long. Just months after tying the knot, rumors began swirling that Willingham and Slaton had separated. According to the U.S. Sun, the couple went their separate ways in May 2023 after a fight over diet and exercise. An insider who was not named told the publication that Willingham wasn’t sticking to the strict diet and nutrition plan the couple was given while in rehab. Slaton, reportedly, has stuck to the strict eating plan. Neither Slaton nor Willingham ever spoke publicly about the separation. Willingham’s family members did not mention an ongoing divorce, either. Slaton and Willingham were married for less than a year at the time of his death.

Before announcing Willingham’s death, Slaton had been posting progress pictures to Instagram. The TV personality has also been seen out and about without any mobility aids recently, which fans took as an encouraging development regarding her health. Willingham had not previously appeared in Slaton’s Instagram feed.