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Tammy Slaton has truly turned over a new leaf. The 1000-lb Sisters star – who once weighed more than 700 pounds – has shed hundreds of pounds through a combination of diet and lifestyle changes and bariatric surgery. Her doctor couldn’t be prouder of all that she’s accomplished. 

Dr. Eric Smith congratulates Tammy Slaton

Recently, Tammy took to Instagram to share some photos of her newly slimmed-down self. The post generated hundreds of likes and supportive comments from followers who were thrilled to see the TLC personality looking happy and healthy. Among the cheerleaders was Tammy’s weight loss surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith. 

“You are killing it!” Smith commented on the post. 

Smith was by Tammy’s side for years as she fought to lose enough weight to qualify for surgery. It was not an easy journey. Tammy’s weight fluctuated and she dealt with some serious health scares before she finally entered a rehab facility and managed to hit her weight-loss goal. But throughout, Smith was confident Tammy could succeed, despite her challenges. 

​​“It’s tough because you know what she’s capable of,” he told LEX 18 News. He said his job as a doctor was to meet Tammy where she was and be prepared to help when she was ready to move forward.  

“You can’t scare people into their rock bottom,” Smith said. “You can’t push them into their rock bottom, but when they hit it, it’s our job to be there for them and support them.”

​​“There’s a lot of hurt that Tammy has experienced through her life,” he added. “I think once we’re able to get Tammy to deal with some of her, say personal demons, then she’s more apt to be able to do what she needs to do to be successful.”

The ‘1000-lb Sisters’ star’s life has changed since surgery 


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Smith’s faith in Tammy wasn’t misplaced. She qualified for surgery, and since undergoing the procedure in July 2022, she’s enjoying a whole new lease on life. 

Previously, Tamy was wheelchair-bound and unable to breathe without supplemental oxygen. Now that she weighs less than 300 pounds, she can walk and breathe on her own. She’s also been able to do other things that were difficult or impossible while she was heavier. That includes flying in an airplane, going to the beach, and even sitting in the front seat of a car and buckling her seatbelt without an extender. Those are all huge accomplishments, Smith said. 

“For Tammy, I told her don’t get so caught up in a number. Enjoy the ride getting there. I want her to enjoy what we call those non-scale victories, the ability to be more mobile by herself,” he told People last year. “I’m proud of her for those weight or number goals, but what I’m most proud about is the goals that she’s achieving of actually living a healthier and happier life.”

1000-lb Sisters is streaming on Max. 

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