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Tammy Slaton has had her fair share of relationships since being on 1000-lb Sisters. She dated Jerry Sykes during season 2 of the tv show but the two broke up shortly after they got together. Then, in her off-season, Tammy began dating Phillip Redmond, also known as TikTok user “thebbwking.” Now, it looks like there may have been trouble in that relationship as Tammy has revealed that she is currently single.

'1000-lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton with breathing tube
‘1000-lb Sisters’ star Tammy Slaton | TLC

Clues that Tammy Slaton is single

Fans started suspecting that things had gone south with Redmond when Tammy began posting TikToks with other men. In several of the videos, she and the men were partying and drinking. Then, the reality star posted a cryptic TikTok.

“Trust me you don’t want to date me,” the voiceover on the video says. “I’m not a fun person to date. As a friend yes, I’m goofy and I’m loud and I laugh easily. I’m really flirty and probably will smack you too many times and you’ll think I’m hitting on you and all of it will be really really fun and you’ll think ‘Oh I wanna date you.’ But as soon as you date me, you’ll realize, I’m ugly and insecure, full of anger. I don’t trust ever and it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work for me and for you, and I can’t promise that by the end of it you’ll think it was worth it.”

In the video, Tammy begins to cry as the voiceover plays.

“What happened to my ride or die?” she captioned the video. “What happened to my happy ever after? Never there for me.”

Fan reactions

Tammy’s fans have always been supportive of her and Amy Slaton. When she began dating Redmond, many expressed their concern. So, they were quick to jump on her post and send supportive messages.

“I really believe you have to help yourself before you can be in a relationship,” one person commented.

“Don’t cry, straighten your crown queen!” one person wrote. “You will get through this! You deserve happiness. You will find it one day.”

“Girl you got this,” another user said. “I know it seems impossible to find the right one. I’m in the same boat.”

Some fans were more critical than supportive.

“All the signs were there Tammy,” one person said.

“The guys were there for the fame, fun, and games,” another said. “How long were they even around? Didn’t seem like long.”

“Why are you crying like you weren’t the one entertaining other dudes,” another person wrote.


‘1000-Lb Sisters’: Fans Worried for Tammy Slaton After Seeing Videos of Her Partying With New Men

Tammy Slaton admits she’s single

Despite the cryptic videos, Tammy hasn’t been as open about confirming her single status. In a comment, captured by SoapDirt, she finally came clean. When a fan said they were happy for her and her boyfriend, Tammy revealed that she was single. She also confirmed that she is not pregnant by Redmond and any alluding that she did to being pregnant was all a joke.

Will Tammy Slaton’s relationship be shown on ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 3?

Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters is currently filming. Though Tammy and Redmond dated during filming, it has yet to be confirmed if he will appear on the show or if Tammy will just mention the relationship.