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TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters documents the Slaton sisters as they both worked on their health. In 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4, Tammy Slaton shared her journey in rehab as she reached her highest weight. Tammy later got weight-loss surgery after qualifying for gastric bypass, resulting in weight loss. Here’s Tammy Slaton’s weight as of July 2023.

‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ star Tammy Slaton’s weight as of July 2023


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Tammy Slaton’s weight has been discussed ever since 1000-Lb. Sisters began. In 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4, Tammy worked hard in rehab to drop enough weight to qualify for weight-loss surgery. She eventually got her weight down to 550 (from 700) and underwent bariatric surgery.

“When I got on the scale and I saw the scale was at 534.7, I kinda stopped breathing for a second,” Tammy said at the time. “I’m like, 14 lbs. under my goal weight. From over 700, that’s a huge drop. … I did that. I’m feeling thrilled, proud, excited — just all the emotions. I proved everybody wrong. Everybody that doubted me, I finally got mine! My told-you-so moment!”

So, what is Tammy Slaton’s weight as of July 2023? A source told The Sun that Tammy now weighs 340 pounds. “Tammy thought she weighed 370 pounds,” the source said. “Tammy went to a rehab center last Thursday and got weighed. She actually lost more than she had thought. She’s down to 334 and doing awesome.”

Tammy posted photos of herself on Instagram for the first time in months on Aug. 1, 2023. This also marks her first post since her estranged husband, Caleb Willingham, died. While the photos mostly depict Tammy’s face, fans could still tell that the reality star lost significant weight.

She believed Caleb Willingham’s death could have easily happened to her

Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham met in rehab, as seen in 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4. Sadly, Caleb died at 40 years old on June 30, 2023.

Before Caleb’s death, he reportedly gained 30 pounds in a food rehabilitation clinic, and his health declined. A source shared that Tammy reflected on how she could’ve been in the same situation without help in the wake of his death.

“They were best friends and were supporters of each other in the clinic, and [his death is] devastating for her. She told me she could have easily been him,” the source told The Sun.

“Tammy went through the same experience that Caleb did and wanted him to get better, but he just didn’t have a drive [to lose weight],” they continued. “She didn’t have the drive for a bit and was struggling with alcohol abuse and not caring and I think Caleb had the same mindset of ‘I’ve already done this to myself, I’m already this big, there’s no turning back.'”

1000-Lb Sisters Season 4B will likely premiere soon and continue to document Tammy Slaton’s weight after Caleb Willingham’s death.

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