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The countdown is on for the next season of Power Book IV: Force. The show — which follows temperamental, foul-mouthed Power gangster Tommy Egan after the events in the original series — left off on a dramatic note, leaving viewers to wait to find out what happens after that episode. Things could go many ways for Tommy and the people in his orbit, but here are some of the top predictions that fans have for Power Book IV: Force Season 2.

Joseph Sikora dresses as his 'Power Book IV: Force' character Tommy Egan wearing a black hoodie with a fur coat
Joseph Sikora as his ‘Power Book IV: Force’ character Tommy Egan | Starz

Tommy gets revenge for Liliana

Tommy experienced a crushing blow in the Power Book IV: Force Season 1 finale with Liliana’s death. Liliana had been trying to save him from Walter Flynn and Jenard Sampson when she was shot by Claudia Flynn. Tommy rushed over to get help, but it was too late.

Viewers can understand Claudia’s feelings of wanting to protect her father. But some don’t think Tommy will, sharing theories that he’ll go after Claudia next season.

“I agree,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “I think Tommy knows Claud hit his girl, [that’s] why he said he would not be working with her!”

They went on to speculate that Tommy would replace her with JP after showing him the ropes of the lab. But JP might not be experienced enough to keep it going. “Diamond, Tommy & Vic will likely take over Chi-Town, but no place for JP,” the writer continued. “Although JP is the only one left in Tommy’s circle who knows how to make Dahlia which is what everyone wants now! I don’t see them making them much money going back to regular blow.”

The transformation of JP Gibbs

Other readers cautioned not to underestimate JP. He may be meek and reserved, but after the events of Power Book IV: Force Season 1, some are expecting to see a major change in him next season.

“Jp son just got hit and he been kidnapped, I think we finna see a demon side of him next season,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “I think he kills Jenard [hence his comments] ‘Tommy find out who did this to my son.’ Also, it’s time for Claudia to go she fine asf but hella annoying.”

A war within CBI

Some expect to see violence between Diamond and Jenard Sampson. After feuding over how to run The Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI), they agreed to separate it into two factions. But some viewers feel that it’s only a matter of time before Jenard comes back to finish what he started.

“He’s still gonna be focused on tommy and diamond,” read one Reddit comment.

Conversely, some think Jenard will actually stick to his and Diamond’s agreement. “I think he’ll be a lot more calculated and focused on his moves,” one person wrote. “He now 100% knows his brother is not on his side, and I’m pretty sure he knows Tommy shot at D-Mac and has been trying to kill him for a minute. I hope we get to see a more focused Jenard, and see why he was the reason CBI didnt fall apart during the 15 years Diamond was away.”


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Walter’s downfall

By the Power Book IV: Force Season 1 finale, many viewers thought Walter was actually going to die. He is sick with what appears to be lung cancer and hasn’t made steps toward treatment, shutting it down at every mention. He’s managing for now, but some viewers think his condition will rapidly deteriorate in Power Book IV: Force Season 2.

“Walter will probably die eventually maybe mid next season due to his cancer,” one Reddit comment said in part, earning several upvotes. Others predicted different outcomes, including that “Paulie gives up Walter to the FBI and takes over the organization for season 2.”

Increased police presence

Whether Walter gets taken down by the police remains to be seen, but viewers will certainly see more from law enforcement next season. Tommy may have been able to trick New York police into thinking he died, but he’s now at risk of being exposed after he was captured on cameras.

“Expect law enforcement to have a major storyline and presence on Season 2,” another fan wrote on Reddit.

We’ll see when the show returns. While the exact release date for Power Book IV: Force Season 2 is still uncertain, Joseph Sikora has said it could be in 2023. Read more here.