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Big Brother 24 was a rollercoaster ride from the first night, and it would continue to yield unexpected moments until its finale three months later. As a side note, we know there was another Big Brother season in 2022 — Celebrity Big Brother 3. However, season 24 had so much going on that it’s easy to forget everything that happened in the spinoff. So the list below exclusively includes moments from Big Brother 24.

Taylor Hale, wearing a light pink gem-studded jumpsuit, celebrates her 'Big Brother 24' win in 2022.
Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

5. Daniel’s blowup during week three

Taylor Hale was a preseason favorite among Big Brother fans in 2022. However, from the first night, it was clear that she would have an uphill journey in the game. The women unfairly labeled her as a “pageant girl” who would use her looks to seduce the men. They teamed up against her, and soon, the whole house carried that false narrative about Taylor.

Thankfully, Taylor survived long enough to find the people that would support her. But first, she had to endure unexpected backlash and accusations. And the most frustrating and surprising moment Taylor experienced in the first few weeks was when Daniel Durston blew up at her. This is ironic because multiple houseguests claimed Taylor would be the one to “blow up.”

When Nicole Layog exited the diary room one day, she seemed upset. Many players thought she had received bad news about her sick mother, but she was just mad that she was Taylor’s Festie Bestie. Taylor tried to comfort Nicole by telling her that she would support her no matter what, and Nicole inferred that Taylor was trying to get her to quit the show.

Nicole took this bizarre theory to Daniel, who proceeded to confront Taylor and accuse her of causing Paloma Aguilar’s mental health decline and doing the same thing to Nicole. Ultimately, it was a series of misconceptions that threw fans for a loop. Many rushed to Taylor’s defense and were happy when the altercation persuaded the Pound to pull Taylor into the Leftovers alliance.

4. Michael breaking a ‘Big Brother’ POV record in 2022

No one, probably not even Michael Bruner himself, expected Michael to be a challenge beast in Big Brother 24. But the superfan’s knowledge of the game and preparation served him well in the competitions, especially in the Power of Veto.

Michael was an early target when Daniel nominated him for eviction in week one. However, he channeled his inner Janelle Pierzina and won the first POV. Michael was picked to play in the POV the following week, and he won again. And you see where this is going.

Ultimately, Michael won six vetoes in Big Brother 24 in 2022. He broke the single-season record for most POV wins, which was previously held by Janelle (Big Brother 7), Daniele Donato (Big Brother 8), Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother 19), and Kaycee Clark (Big Brother 20) with five wins each.

Michael also tied Janelle’s record for most competition wins (nine) in a single season.

3. Taylor and Monte’s showmance

As is almost always the case with every season of Big Brother, there was a showmance in season 24. The pairing of Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider wasn’t surprising, but fans’ jaws dropped when Taylor and Monte Taylor kissed in the HOH room during week 10.

Taylor had previously admitted to having a crush on Joseph Abdin, so her interest in Monte was unexpected, to say the least. However, with everyone telling her that Joseph betrayed her during Dyre Fest, it’s understandable that she was confused and hurt. But not many fans expected to see her turn to Monte.

Taylor and Monte continued to rendezvous in the HOH room until the last week of Big Brother 24 in 2022. But the sparks between them dwindled as he became more condescending and started gaslighting her. And when Taylor and Joseph reunited on finale night, it was over for Monte. Now, Taylor and Joseph are in a relationship, and fans couldn’t be happier for them.

2. Kyle theorizing there was a Cookout 2.0 alliance

One of the most shocking Big Brother moments in 2022 came when Michael won HOH and Kyle expressed to him that he worried there was a Cookout 2.0 alliance.

Kyle was a part of the Leftovers, which seemed to be dominating the season. However, his unconscious biases ultimately led to his demise. Kyle assumed that the people of color, including three members of his alliance, were all working together. So he suggested that the white houseguests band together against them.

Michael and Brittany Hoopes shut him down, but they didn’t expose Kyle’s racist thoughts and actions until week eight. And that’s when all hell broke loose. In the end, Kyle was unanimously evicted that week, with the promise to be honest about his behavior and continue to learn and grow.


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1. Taylor winning ‘Big Brother 24’ in 2022

We saved the best, most unexpected Big Brother moment in 2022 for last — Taylor winning season 24 in an 8-1 vote against Monte.

From the beginning of Big Brother 24, Taylor was an underdog. Many fans believed she would leave the first week, but time and time again, her karma worked its magic, and she persisted. Taylor constantly found herself on the chopping block, and the audience was consistently pleasantly surprised when she survived.

We have to admit; there were many times that we believed Taylor could never win because of how cruel the cast was to her in the beginning. We thought, “How could they ever vote for her to win?” But Taylor proved us wrong, and we are so happy that she did.

Taylor’s excellent social game got her to the end, despite the odds. And her resilience, personality, and tear-jerking speech sealed her fate, making her the Big Brother 24 winner in 2022.

Big Brother 24 is available to stream on Paramount+.

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