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Now at 52 seasons, 60 Minutes continues being the most compelling news show on TV with compelling stories and scoops that sometimes rival what you see on cable news. They don’t receive nearly the attention for that like they used to, but it’s clear millions still watch it.

Then again, they may not be watching it on TV as they used to. With everything moving to streaming, CBS has had to adapt to making 60 Minutes available to the mobile crowd.

More people are likely watching previously-aired episodes there, despite CBS News saying the network edition gets better ratings than many standard newscasts.

Let’s look at how you can watch, including plans by 60 Minutes to start a short mobile version of their show next spring on an exciting new platform.

Can you watch ’60 Minutes’ for free online?

Anderson Cooper intervies Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels in her interview with Anderson Cooper | CBS via Getty Images

CBS All-Access does provide episodes of 60 Minutes to watch for free, though only the latest episodes of the last six weeks. If you want to watch older episodes, you’ll have to spring forth a monthly subscription to CBS All-Access, which is $9.99 per month for no commercials or $5.99 per month with limited commercials.

Thanks to many smart TV’s having the CBS All-Access app available, you can easily watch on your TV anyway if you happened to miss a recent episode.

However, watching on mobile is obviously preferable for many now. Considering 60 Minutes covers some of the most important news stories of our times, it’s exactly what you should watch during a lunch break to catch up on what’s going on in the world.

To make things easier, CBS All-Access provides segment clips so you can choose which news profile you want to see. One thing for sure is you’ll be riveted this season as much as ever since they’re taking on many of our current and almost unbelievable political stories.

If you thought 60 Minutes from your parents’ generation was red hot in some of their profiles, you’ll be amazed at what they’re covering now and how alarming the stories are.

Other viewing options exist online

CBS News continues to tout how well 60 Minutes is doing in the ratings. They say it’s getting 11 million viewers every week on CBS, plus watched by thousands online in various ways.

Along with CBS All-Access, you can watch the show directly through its own website: Plus, there’s the specialized offering behind-the-scenes content and exclusive stories only available through the online edition.

These are all worth your time exploring and, of course, free. There isn’t really any point to subscribing to CBS All-Access unless you’re planning to watch all the excellent originals CBS currently has there. Catching up with other CBS shows alongside 60 Minutes might make All-Access a better deal for mobile convenience.

This digital landscape for 60 Minutes is only beginning, though. Plans are underway to bring a new sound bite edition of the show to unique streaming service Quibi.

How well will ’60 in 6′ go over?

A six-minute version of 60 Minutes called 60 in 6 is being planned for Quibi next spring. Latter platform will offer only short video content that runs no more than ten minutes, including original shows and short movies.

Yes, they’ll be changing the game in more than one way for those who simply have no time to watch anything at length. Due to a busier culture, it’s a good bet Quibi will make a real dent in the streaming wars by the summer of 2020.

Having 60 in 6 will also revolutionize how people consume news. Maybe the old lions of 60 Minutes would look askance at such a thing if they were still with us. Nevertheless, having the caliber of CBS News doing news in a short mobile format won’t be slipshod. With even NBC News on-board, watching 60 Minutes will look a lot different in the 2020s.