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The Beatles’ cultural impact can’t be disputed, and their popularity means that fans can visit many tourist spots dedicated to the band. Their hometown of Liverpool has many of these spots, but there are other cities with Beatles tourist attractions. Here are seven places that fans of The Beatles should visit.

The Beatles stand on a rooftop with small instruments.
The Beatles | Bettmann/Contributor via Getty

The Beatles’ childhood homes

Each of The Beatles grew up in Liverpool, and fans have the opportunity to visit their childhood homes. The National Trust manages John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s homes and offers a joint tour of both. 

George Harrison’s childhood home is now an Airbnb owned by a fan of the band. It includes a number of Beatles artifacts, but also maintains many of the home’s original features. A fan also purchased Ringo Starr’s home, though it is not a museum or tourist attraction like the other homes.  

The Beatles Story

Liverpool is also home to The Beatles Story, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the band. It features replicas of Mathew Street, Abbey Road Studios, and the Cavern Club. It also has notable Beatles costumes, instruments, photos, and handwritten lyrics.

The museum provides a comprehensive look at the entirety of the band’s career. It is located at the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool.

The Cavern Club

The Beatles played some of their earliest shows at Liverpool’s Cavern Club. The cellar space was once a warehouse but became a concert venue in 1957. The band performed there hundreds of times at the beginning of their career, shaping their performance skills and building a fan base. 

The Cavern Club is still a concert venue that showcases new bands while also paying tribute to the legacy of The Beatles.

Hard Day’s Night Hotel

Given the amount of tourist spots to visit in Liverpool, Beatles fans will likely want to stay in the city for more than one day. They can stay at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, a Beatles-themed hotel in a historic building.

The hotel is located near a number of other Beatles attractions, making it perfect for tourists. It features themed rooms with Beatles-inspired artwork.

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios is a recording studio in London. Many artists have recorded there, but The Beatles are likely the most notable group to grace its halls. They recorded there between 1962 and 1970 and named an album after the street the studio is on. 

Fans who visit Abbey Road Studios can walk across the zebra crossing featured on the Abbey Road cover. There is also a graffiti wall and gift shop that sells, among other things, Beatles souvenirs. 

The British Library

The British Library in London holds many historical artifacts, including a large collection of Beatles memorabilia. Hunter Davies, who wrote an authorized biography of the band, sold his collection of artifacts from his time with The Beatles to the library. These include drawings by members of the band, interview notes, letters, and lyrics.

Strawberry Fields

While The Beatles grew up in England, Lennon spent a good portion of his adult life in New York City. Soon after his death, the city planned for a memorial to the artist located in Central Park. The city named the area of the park across from Lennon’s apartment building Strawberry Fields after the Beatles song. 


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Strawberry Fields includes an “Imagine” mosaic and is considered an international garden of peace.