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90 Day Fiancé star Steven Johnston hasn’t been winning many points with fans during his ongoing season, thanks in no small part to his lying, double standards, and how he treats Alina. Steven, who is a Mormon, lied to Alina about his own virginity as well as his faithfulness. Now, with Steven comparing his abstinence — or lack thereof — to eating vegetables, fans have more reason to dislike the reality star. Plus, Alina and her mother call Steven out on his hypocrisy. 

‘90 Day Fiance’: Steven lied about his sexual history

90 Day Fiancé couple Steven and Alina met on a language learning app and quickly fell for one another. Alina’s mother Anna was concerned about her meeting up with Steven due to his Mormonism, which Alina’s family views as a cult. 

Alina decided to take up Mormonism alongside Steven, and to this end both have promised to remain virgins until after they’ve married. Steven, however, has made frequent allusions to the idea that he can’t control himself around women — a belief that his roots in Mormonism have not helped to dispel. Alina has pointed out to Steven that he is an adult and should be able to control himself, but he doesn’t feel the same way. 

Steven’s lack of control, and subsequently his dishonesty, were revealed in their full form when he informed Alina that he’d lied about being a virgin. In fact, he hadn’t been faithful to Alina while they were together either, having gotten intimate with a woman during the beginning of his relationship with Alina.

He revealed that he’d allegedly kissed a hundred women and had become “more intimate” with at least two dozen, and had slept with four or five. Alina was seriously shocked, especially given that Steven expects her to follow strict requirements such as not drinking wine or coffee. 

Steven compared abstinence to eating vegetables

Alina and Steven sitting on a couch together on '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way'
Alina and Steven on ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ | TLC

During a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Steven tried to defend himself and his actions to Alina and her mother. During a conversation he had with them in Russian, he made some odd comparisons that didn’t quite hit the mark. 

“Let me explain something. Without experience, faith can’t be tested. But now that I have this experience, I understand what I’m sacrificing when declining any sort of intercourse,” Steven told Alina and her mother, Anna. Impressive mental gymnastics, but it gets worse. 

“I didn’t actually start having like actual intercourse until I was like 23, and because I’m a believer in abstinence also, like abstinence is probably the best way not to get pregnant. Like only one girl’s gotten pregnant being abstinent,” Steven told producers, referencing the Virgin Mary. 

“But then once I slipped up it became a lot harder to be abstinent because sex is enjoyable obviously. And it’s kinda like eating vegetables after you eat a candy bar,” he concluded. 

Alina and her mother call him out 

Anna and Alina at lunch together in Turkey talking to Steven on '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' on discovery+
Anna and Alina on ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ | discovery+

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Alina and Anna were quick to call out Steven during and after his explanation. The 90 Day Fiancé star received a sharp “don’t try to excuse yourself” from Alina midway through his explanation. 

Anna also went full bore on calling out Steven and his hypocrisy. She suggested that Steven simply cherry-picks which Mormon tenets to follow. 

“So you pick what you feel like believing in?” she asked. Steven said he doesn’t pick, but that he, like everyone, has a “weak side.” Anna wasn’t having it. 

“So, it’s looking like you can live without coffee but not without sex?” she pushed further. Anna then went on to suggest to Alina that she ought to break up with Steven.