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Adam Busby of TLC’s Outdaughtered is firing back at those who are wondering how he and his wife Danielle Busby afford their lifestyle. When the reality TV personality recently took to social media to share photos from a recent trip, one follower chimed in with questions about whether the couple – who share six daughters, including a set of quintuplets – knew about hard work. 

Adam Busby takes a trip to Nepal

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby in 'OutDaughtered'
Adam Busby and Danielle Busby in ‘OutDaughtered’ | TLC via YouTube

On March 12, Adam shared some photos from a trip to Nepal on Instagram

“First full day in Nepal after the jet lag kicked my butt,” he captioned the slideshow. “We visited the monkey Temple and walked through the city. It is sensory overload here. Just wait until you see my video from a ride in the taxi.”

Adam is traveling without his wife and kids. In a comment, Danielle said that she “love[d]” that her husband was “getting to see this side of the world.” 

In her Instagram Story, Danielle indicated that Adam was on a mission trip. She wrote that she was “proud” of Adam for being “part of this journey to share Jesus with those around the world.” 

The ‘OutDaughtered’ star defends his lifestyle 


Is ‘OutDaughtered’ Still On? Fans Wonder What’s Happening With the Busby Family’s TLC Show

Adam and Danielle often post about their travels on social media, including recent kid-free trips to Utah and Cabo San Lucas. After the OutDaughtered star’s latest post, one of his followers wondered how the Busbys made it all work financially.

“YOU know I love this show. However. I just don’t get how they can afford all they do? Having kids seems to pay better than hard WORK,” the person wrote. 

Adam was quick to defend himself. He explained that he and Danielle did indeed work hard. He added that they had made choices that allowed them to live a certain kind of lifestyle. 

“Yea, raising 6 kids on top of managing the 7 different companies we outright own or have vested interest in isn’t hard work. I guess we are just really lucky,” Adam replied. “We continually seek God’s will and steward our family and our time well and he is always faithful.”

What the Busbys do for a living 

At the moment, the Busby’s reality show is on hiatus and there’s been no word on when – or if – OutDaughtered will return to TLC. But that doesn’t mean Adam and Danielle haven’t been busy with other projects. 

In 2022, Danielle opened the first brick-and-mortar location of her clothing boutique, Graeson Bee. The couple also has an active YouTube channel with more than 2 million subscribers, where they share highlights of their family’s life. Until recently, Danielle and her sisters also owned a fitness apparel line, CADi Fitness, but they shut that business down in December 2022. 

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