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Adele recently rescheduled her highly-anticipated Las Vegas residency, and the singer has opened up about how difficult it was for her to cancel the shows earlier this year. Here’s what Adele said about the “worst moment” of her career and how she feels about it now. 

Adele, who recently rescheduled her postponed Las Vegas residency shows, performs on stage.
Adele | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Adele canceled her Las Vegas residency 1 day before it was scheduled to begin

Singer Adele, best known for hits like “Hello” and “Rolling in the Deep,” was scheduled to start her Las Vegas Residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in January. 

But on Jan. 20, just one day before the performances were slated to begin, the singer shared a video on Instagram announcing that the shows were canceled. 

“Hi, um, listen, I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready,” Adele said, her voice shaking. “We’ve tried absolutely everything we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and Covid.”

She went on to say that half of her team was out sick due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), and that the shows could not go on. 

“It’s been impossible to finish the show,” Adele said. “I can’t give you what I have right now, and I’m gutted. I’m gutted, and I’m sorry it’s so last-minute.” Toward the end of the video, she fought tears while saying, “I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed, and I’m so sorry to everyone that’s traveled.”

Adele said that canceling her Las Vegas residency was the ‘worst moment’ of her career

In an Aug. 15 interview with Elle, Adele described uploading the Instagram video canceling her Las Vegas Residency.

“It was the worst moment in my career, by far,” she said. “By far. I was so excited about those shows. It was devastating.”

Adele knew, despite the months of preparation, the investment of the band and the crew, and the thousands of fans who had already bought tickets and made travel arrangements to see her, that the shows could not go on. Something just felt wrong.

“There was just no soul in it,” she explained. “The stage setup wasn’t right. It was very disconnected from me and my band, and it lacked intimacy. And maybe I tried too hard to give it those things in such a controlled environment.”


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The singer is ‘proud’ of herself for canceling her Las Vegas residency 

Despite all of the backlash from angry fans and ticket holders, and even being plagued by her own guilt, Adele said she is proud of herself for postponing the Las Vegas residency.

“The first couple of months was really, really hard,” she admitted. “I was embarrassed. But it actually made my confidence in myself grow, because it was a very brave thing to do. And I don’t think many people would have done what I did.”

The “Easy on Me” singer added, “I’m very proud of myself for standing by my artistic needs.”