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When season 2 of And Just Like That… ended, Carrie Bradshaw was seated on a beach with Seema Patel. The pals, caught in different types of limbo with their respective lovers, seemed to find comfort in each other’s company. While Patel’s break had a near-future endpoint, Carrie’s potential reunion with Aidan Shaw was much further away.

Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t giving away the season 3 storyline just yet, but she did reveal that Aidan Shaw will play a significant role in And Just Like That… once more. 

Sarah Jessica Parker confirms that Aidan Shaw will still factor into ‘And Just Like That….’ 

Sarah Jessica Parker is keeping the storyline for season 3 of And Just Like That… under wraps, but she is willing to share a few breadcrumbs. According to The AV Club, Parker appeared at the Warner Bros. Discovery Upfronts presentation to discuss the series. During her segment, Parker explained that Carrie Bradshaw will be on a journey to evolve in season 3 of the series, but faces from the past will show up. 

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett are seen on the set of "And Just Like That..." Season 2 the follow up series to "Sex and the City" in the West Village on February 9, 2023
Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett | James Devaney/GC Images

Parker teased that Aidan Shaw would play a “somewhat significant” role in Carrie’s journey to “commit” to being “relevant.” Some fans are taking Parker’s words to mean that Aidan Shaw will return to his former love once more. Others argue that what she said could be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and Aidan might not actually pop up again. 

Does that mean John Corbett will be returning for season 3 of ‘And Just Like That…’? 

While Parker made it clear that Aidan Shaw would play a significant role in Carrie Bradshaw’s life and her decisions moving forward, she never said whether fans would see him again. We still need to determine if John Corbett will be reprising his role. 

Corbett famously appeared in season 2 of the series and reconnected with Carrie. His decision to spend the next five years watching over his youngest son, Wyatt, seems to have taken him out of New York and Carrie’s life for the foreseeable future. Unless something major changes for Wyatt, we could see Aidan staying away, which would keep Corbett out of the series. He hasn’t popped up on the set yet, but we are still in the early days of filming, so anything could still happen. 

Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Swinton and Cathy Ang are seen on the set of "And Just Like That" season 3 at Lincoln Center Plaza
Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Swinton and Cathy Ang | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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And Just Like That… is set to return to Max sometime in 2025. The long wait has fans at the edge of their seats. Photos from the set and Parker’s recent clues certainly make it seem like season 3 is shaping up to be more interesting than seasons 1 and 2. There is still no word on if Kim Cattrall will reprise her role as Samantha Jones.