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Jimin of BTS is a huge fan of Alec Benjamin. The BTS singer attended Benjamin’s 2019 concert in Seoul, and included a number of Benjamin’s songs on his Spotify playlist. On Twitter, Benjamin revealed which of his songs is Jimin’s favorite.

Alec Benjamin Jimin
Alec Benjamin | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Jimin attended Alec Benjamin’s concert in August

During August 2019, the members of BTS enjoyed their first extended break since their 2013 debut. Early on in their vacation, Jimin attended Benjamin’s concert in Seoul.

The two singers are mutual fans of each other, and during the concert Benjamin performed a part of BTS’s song, “Fake Love.” Benjamin performed the song as a mashup with his own song, “Water Fountain.”

Both Jimin and Benjamin posted photos on social media after they met for the first time in Seoul.

Jimin posted a photo to the BTS Twitter account and wrote, “Your voice is heavenly. Thanks for coming. @AlecBenjamin #JIMIN.”

Benjamin also posted the photo on social media and wrote, “SEOUL WAS AMAZING ! thanks so much for coming to my show, Jimin . :) . @BTS_twt.”

Alec Benjamin told fans which song of his is Jimin’s favorite

On Nov. 14, Benjamin wrote a post on Twitter that revealed Jimin’s favorite song of his.

“jimin told me that his favorite song of mine was ‘water fountain’ so i sang it for him at my show in Korea with a mash up of fake love :) @BTS_twt,” Benjamin tweeted.

In the tweet, Benjamin included a video from the concert where he performed the “Fake Love” mashup with “Water Fountain.” When BTS updated their Spotify playlists during the summer of 2019, Jimin’s playlist included 12 songs. Of those 12 songs, five of them were by Benjamin.

“Water Fountain” is the first song listed on Jimin’s playlist. The BTS singer also included Benjamin’s “If I Killed Someone For You,” “Boy In The Bubble,” “Let Me Down Slowly (feat. Alessia Cara),” and “If We Have Each Other.”

Fans hope the two singers will collaborate

After Jimin attended Benjamin’s concert, fans became hopeful the two singers will collaborate in the future. Jimin attended the concert with Eric Nam, and Nam later interviewed Benjamin. During the interview, Nam told Benjamin what a fan Jimin is.

“It was funny cause he just kept sitting there and he was like ‘His voice is insane. His voice is insane’… for like an hour just like ‘His voice is insane,'” Nam said.

In an interview with a Chinese media outlet, Benjamin confirmed that he wants to collaborate with Jimin.

“There’s a two-month break between when I go home after my trip to China and when I go away to Europe again, when I’m going to be making my album and hopefully writing with other people. I have some plans to collaborate with Khalid and also Jimin from BTS,” Benjamin said.

Fans are excited for the collaboration

After Benjamin tweeted about Jimin’s favorite song of his, interest in a collaboration between the two resurfaced.

One fan replied to Benjamin’s post and tweeted, “AND COLLAB?”

“Sister, give us the collab. It’s almost the end of the year,” another fan tweeted.