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The History Channel heads to Tasmania in the newest entry in the Alone franchise, Alone Australia. In the 12-episode reality series, which premieres August 10, a group of 10 contestants will be challenged to survive in the remote and rugged wilderness of the island state. Who has what it takes to win the show’s $250,000 prize? Let’s meet the Alone Australia cast.

Beck Henog

Beck, holing a hat in front of her, on 'Alone Australia
‘Alone Australia’ cast member Beck Henog | Narelle Portanier

Beck Henog is a STEM teacher, mom to four, and grandmother to two. She grew up camping and fishing and still embraces being outdoors as much as she can. She’s excited to represent women in their 40s and Indigenous women of the LGBTQI+ community on Alone Australia and to inspire her children and grandchildren.

Chris Bakon

Chris Bakon is a retired Iraq vet who lives a self-sufficient coastal lifestyle. He’s also an avid fisherman, abalone, and crayfish free diver, and a self-sustaining beach, ocean, and spear fisherman. His goal is to push himself to his limits, and in doing so, to demonstrate to others that people don’t have to be defined by their anxiety disorders and that nature can be a powerful healer.

Duane Byrnes

'Alone Australia' cast member Duane Byrnes
‘Alone Australia’ cast member Duane Byrnes | Narelle Portanier

Duane Byrnes is a fun-loving wildlife and environmental officer and recreational surfer. As a proud First Nations man, Duane sees Alone as the perfect opportunity to live as his ancestors did and to bring his family closer to their heritage.

Gina Chick

Gina Chick is a rewilding facilitator, bushcraft teacher, meditation leader, barefoot nomad, singer, dancer, and primitive huntress. She lives off the grid in a tin shack with no running water or power. After navigating her way back through serious trauma and loss in her life, Gina doesn’t scare easily. The only fears she has going into this challenge are practical ones.

Jimmy Lassaline

At 22, Jimmy Lassaline is the youngest of 10 kids, but that doesn’t mean he lacks experience. He’s been hunting since he was five years old and has learned to self-provide from the land and now handles his own livestock and grows his own fruit and vegetables on his property. He’s also an active member of the small farming community he lives in and is a volunteer firefighter.

Kate Grarock

'Alone Australia' cast member Kate Grarock posing by a stream
‘Alone Australia’ cast member Kate Grarock | Narelle Portanier

Kate Grarock grew up in South Australia, served in the Royal Australian Navy, and went on to earn a Ph.D. Now, she’s a wildlife biologist and expedition leader working in remote parts of Australia. She has practiced bushcraft since she was a girl and is comfortable building shelters, finding water, making spears, weaving baskets, and lighting fires. She hopes to inspire her daughter and other girls to embrace a love of science and enjoy the outdoors.

Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace lives with his wife and two children on over 500 acres, running the family farm and tending to his livestock and crops. He worked as a veterinarian for 14 years before shifting focus to his new passion, bush regeneration. Michael is also a committed Christian who believes his faith will provide him the strength he needs during the challenge’s toughest moments.

Mike Atkinson

Mike Atkinson, a former pilot in the Australian Defence Force, lives on the central north coast of New South Wales with his wife, two children, and his chocolate Labrador Ollie. He’s an adventurer and survivalist who has tested himself in many different environments around the world. Mike has completed several self-funded and self-filmed expeditions, including a trek across the Kimberley and another across a Saudi Arabian desert. He also completed an 1846 shipwreck survivor escape scenario in a self-constructed dugout canoe.

Peter Athanassiou

'Alone Australia' cast member Peter Athanassiou
‘Alone Australia’ cast member Peter Athanassiou | Narelle Portanier

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Peter Athanassiou has been hunting and fishing and perfecting his bushcraft and survival skills since he was a child. Today, those skills make him a sought-after hunting guide. He’s worked across a wide range of terrains and in a variety of weather conditions, survival situations, and natural environments and is confident in his experience, knowledge, and abilities. But he’s also never gone hunting without his rifle, bow, or chosen survival equipment, so Alone will place him in unfamiliar waters.

Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly is a proud First Nations man and dad to a teenage son and young daughter, and he’s committed to teaching them skills in fishing, camping, and hunting. He’s also spent more than 20 years working with Indigenous communities in Australia on conservation land management. Rob wouldn’t call himself a survival expert (because there’s always more to learn). But he’s deeply familiar with Indigenous knowledge systems, which should help him in this challenge.

Alone Australia premieres immediately after Alone on Thursday, August 10 at 10:30 p.m. ET on History Channel. After August 17, episodes move to 9:30 p.m. on Thursdays.