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The Challenge: Total Madness winners have officially been revealed, and this season was definitely a wild ride. While plenty of fan favorites took part in season 35, there were others that were missing from the season. And it seems some ex-Challenge stars have major beef with MTV as a company.

One ex-contestant from seasons prior is attacking MTV via Twitter. Here’s what she’s saying.

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ was renewed for a 36th season

It looks like Challenge fans can get excited once again, as the series has been renewed for another season after Total Madness. Viewership was up as a whole for Total Madness as well, which is how the show secured its spot for season 36. Entertainment Weekly reported that the season premiere of Total Madness was the highest rated in 14 years, and viewership rose by 10% as a whole.

So, what will season 36 bring? We’re not sure yet, but we do know that some old favorites, like Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore, may be back. The duo took a season off for different reasons (and partially due to the backlash they got at the end of War of the Worlds 2). And while they’re starting to allude that they may be game for more of The Challenge in the near future, they may be hoping that the red skull twist in Total Madness gets revamped.

“And I also think in terms of watching the show … I’m slightly bored with the people happily volunteering,” Sorbello told the Challenge Mania podcast in terms of the red skull twist.

Marie Roda just attacked MTV on social media

We’ve seen plenty of past Challenge contestants attack MTV in the past, and now, it’s Marie Roda who’s going for the guttural. Reddit users noticed she attacked the network via Twitter.

“After years of suffering from character assassination, PTSD, and severe depression, I am ecstatic to end the mental torture today and say … Go F*ck Yourself MTV,” Roda tweeted.

We’re not exactly sure what Roda was referring to in the tweet. And she didn’t take part in Total Madness, either. In the past, she’s also talked about her complicated relationship with the show.

“I have a love/hate relationship with the show, but I love it way more than I hate it,” she told Medium back in 2017. And she also mentioned that she’d be game to continue participating in the show. “Would I do another? If the timing is right,” she added. “If I could choose a theme, I’d say exes. Both of mine are in great shape and I get along with them extremely well.”

Fans don’t think she’s relevant anymore

MTV cast at 'The Challenge' XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
MTV cast at ‘The Challenge’ XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

‘The Challenge’ Season 36 Postponed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

We’re not sure if Roda will ever be on another Challenge season again. And we’re also unsure as to what prompted her outburst on Twitter, but it seems her Twitter account has since been deleted. Either way, fans are wondering why she even bothers throwing shade, as she hasn’t been on the show in years.

“If she needs to exit the reality TV scene for her mental well-being, good on her for making the tough call to do so … but the character assassination part is throwing me,” one Reddit user noted. “We’ve all seen her act just as nasty on social media as she’s portrayed as being on the show.”

“My thoughts were, well good for her, but if she is done with MTV I expect her to be done with MTV drama,” another noted. “I get the cast members are her friends but the girl is in everybody’s business. she needs to stop.”

“The title implies that it’s her decision to be done with MTV when in reality she’s likely not relevant enough to ever be invited back for a MTV show again,” another added.

We’re not sure if we’ll see Roda on The Challenge ever again, but after this tweet, we doubt MTV will invite her back.

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