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And Just Like That… is a brand-new series on HBO Max that is offering fans a chance to reconnect with all their favorite characters from the iconic show Sex and the City. Not only have viewers gotten to see fan-favorite characters like Charlotte York-Goldenblatt and Carrie Bradshaw, but there have also been some cool cameos from minor Sex and the City characters including Natasha, Big’s ex-wife and a fashion icon in her own right. Recently, Bridget Moynahan, who plays Natasha in the franchise, sat down for an intimate interview, discussing how she feels about reprising the role of Natasha and how the character moved on after her divorce from Big.

Bridget Moynahan is reprising the role of Natasha in ‘And Just Like That’

Moynahan made her first appearance as Natasha in Sex and the City, as Mr. Big’s stylish, sophisticated wife. As fans of the series will remember, Big and Carrie ultimately rekindled their romance, with Big cheating on Natasha for some time with Carrie before she eventually found out, breaking her tooth in the process.

Carrie and Natasha had a confrontation afterward, with Natasha showing a surprising amount of grace. As Moynahan later admitted, she based the character of Natasha on Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, incorporating her sense of style and understated attitude.

These days, in And Just Like That…, Moynahan is back as Natasha, who has been separated from Big for many years. In the wake of Big’s death, and after finding out that he left his ex-wife a small fortune in his will, Carrie seeks Natasha out. As Moynahan revealed in a new interview with Marie Claire, she’s glad that Natasha and Carrie were able to have a moment of closure in the series. 

What did Bridget Moynahan say about how Natasha has moved on?

Bridget Moynahan as Natasha in episode 3 of 'And Just Like That....'
Bridget Moynahan as Natasha | Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

In her interview with Marie Claire, Moynahan admitted that she’s happy to be back for And Just Like That…, acknowledging “I was really so thrilled that they did bring her back for this…And it didn’t really matter what [showrunner Michael Patrick King] asked me to do. I mean, if he asked me to be in a background scene, I would’ve done that. But it was a nice little storyline to play with and in some ways more emotional and real than the two characters have ever really been with each other.”

Moynahan also said that she believes Natasha has carved out a whole new life since fans saw her last, saying that Natasha has “moved on” with two kids and a husband and likely was completely blindsided when she got the news of being left money in Big’s will. On that note, Moynahan also said that she loved filming the scene where she rejects the $1 million from Big, saying “for Carrie to hear that and for her to accept in that moment when she’s so confused and grieving. It’s nice in a way for Natasha and Carrie to leave on the same page. Like, ‘Let’s not do this anymore.'”

Will fans see more of Natasha in ‘And Just Like That’?


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The character of Natasha has often been vilified by fans of Sex and the City, both for the nature of her relationship with Big and for the confrontational situation between Natasha and Carrie. Natasha has been painted as “the other woman,” even though she was the one married to Big when he and Carrie resumed their romance.

For Moynahan, the scene between Carrie and Natasha in And Just Like That... is representative of how society has changed its view of women over the past few years, noting “you see that [Carrie and Natasha] come together and have a nice moment together at the end; that kind of releases some of that from the past.”

While Moynahan has indicated that her time filming And Just Like That… is now over, admitting that she hasn’t been approached to film any new episodes, there’s no doubt that fans would love to see more of her on the HBO Max series.