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‘And Just Like That…’: Episode 3 Feels Decidedly More Like ‘Sex and the City’

The release of episode 3 of 'And Just Like That...' went much smoother than the show's premiere. Episode 3 left fans feeling pretty good about the show's direction after "When in Rome" managed to recapture some of the original show's charm and wit.

It was a bumpy start for And Just Like That…, the HBO Max reboot of Sex and the City. After the December 9 premiere of the first two episodes, fans of the original series were livid. Aside from the big twist that saw the demise of a beloved character, fans lamented the lack of Sex and the City’s signature feel in the new episodes. The growing pains might be over now, though. The third installment of the 10-episode season tackled some additional heavy topics but seemed to inject more of the original show’s appeal, appeasing fans along the way. 

[Spoiler alert: Major storyline spoilers for And Just Like That… ahead]

‘Sex and the City’ jokes appeared to be back in ‘When in Rome’ 

When in Rome,” the third episode of And Just Like That…, was approached with trepidation by fans of the original series. After the emotionally wrought premiere, fans were unsure if the series would regain its footing. It managed to do just that by injecting some of the original show’s lightness, despite the still decidedly heavy topics explored. 

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in 'And Just Like That...' sits at a Mac computer wearing glasses.
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO Max

While Carrie Bradshaw is still deeply entrenched in her grief as a new widow, the show still managed a few laughs. Willie Garson, as Stanford Blatch, managed to light up the screen with a few quips, and a mild rivalry between Charlotte York and Stanford was certainly intriguing. The return of one of Carrie’s long-time nemeses created a lighter form of drama, too. 

‘Sex and the City’ fans enjoyed the return of Natasha in ‘And Just Like That…’ 

While Reddit users are still questioning Carrie’s behavior since the death of John James Preston, they love the return of one divisive character. Bridget Moynahan has reprised her role as Natasha, and she appears to be bringing her A-game to the part. 

Bridget Moynahan as Natasha in episode 3 of 'And Just Like That....'
Bridget Moynahan as Natasha | Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Moynahan’s character appeared in several episodes in season 2 and season 3 of Sex and the City. Natasha was Mr. Big’s much younger second wife in the original series. While Carrie hadn’t seen Natasha since season 4 of the original series, she is reminded of Natasha when Mr. Big’s will is read, revealing a generous bequest to the former Mrs. Preston. Unable to shake the notion that Mr. Big was keeping secrets, Carrie stalks Natasha at her job and eventually runs into her at a cafe. 

While the episode ends without a big revelation, it feels like one might be on the horizon. A fan theory suggests one of Natasha’s children might be Mr. Big’s son. It is unknown if Moynahan will appear in future episodes. 

What is to come in future episodes of ‘And Just Like That…’?  

The storylines for the rest of the season are being carefully guarded. Fans, however, have an idea of what they could see as the season unravels. Episodes one through three have already set the stage for a potential alcoholism and cheating storyline for Miranda Hobbes. Episode three also introduced the possibility that Charlotte York and Harry Goldenblatt’s youngest child, Rose, is transgender. 


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The season will also find Carrie selling her and Mr. Big’s marital home and moving back to her beloved and iconic studio. If spy photos are to be believed, she might even fall in love again. While HBO Max has not yet announced a second season of the reboot, it seems like a distinct possibility. It seems like that there might be even more to come from Carrie and her pals.