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It appears to be official, And Just Like That… fans will get what they want. Che Diaz reportedly will not appear in season 3 of the divisive reboot of Sex and the City. While Warner Bros. has not offered an official statement, several media sources have reported that Sara Ramirez, the actor who portrayed Che Diaz, will not return for season 3 of the reboot. 

Sara Ramirez has been hinting at their firing for days 

While an official announcement has not been made, word from insiders that Che has been axed from the series aligns with Sara Remirez’s vague Instagram posts. In a series of social media posts, Ramirez suggested they were feeling used and disposed of, partially because of their pro-Palestine stance. 

In their most recent post, Ramirez claimed casting agents and directors were blacklisting actors who posted pro-Palestine content. While they never came right out and suggested they were ousted from And Just Like That… because of their own stance, fans were reading between the lines. 

An insider insists Che Diaz was dropped from ‘And Just Like That…’ because fans hated them 

Sara Remirez’s posts suggest a political reason for their ousting, but an industry insider insists that was not the case. An insider who spoke to the Daily Mail claims the character was chopped from season 3 because of fan sentiment. 

Miranda Hobbes and Che Diaz lay in bed together in season 2 of 'And Just Like That....'
Che and Miranda in ‘And Just Like That…’ | Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Che Diaz was the most hated new character on TV in several years. While Sex and the City fans largely appreciated the inclusion of a non-binary character, they simply could not get over Che’s persona, and how they altered Miranda Hobbes’ entire life trajectory. While fans were calling for the dismissal of the character after season one, Michael Patrick King doubled down on their inclusion in season 2. 

Che was softer in season 2, and fans liked them a bit better. Still, it doesn’t seem like there would have been room for them in season 3, even if fans loved the character. Che and Miranda ended their relationship midway through season 2, ending their main tie to the group. Without Che and Carrie working on a podcast together, either, they didn’t fit into the social circle. 

Who will be returning to season 3 of ‘And Just Like That…’ 

While Che reportedly won’t return, the other new characters will be. Lisa Todd Wexley, played by Nicole Ari Parker, Seema Patel, portrayed by Sarita Choudhury, and Nya Wallace, played by Karen Pittman, are all expected to return for season 3. 

The cast of 'And Just Like That...' season 2 pose in front of a table for promotional pictures ahead of the season premiere.
The cast of ‘And Just Like That…’ season 2 | Courtesy of Max

‘And Just Like That’ Will Not Return to Max for Season 3 Until 2025

Mario Cantone is expected to reprise his role as Anthony Marantino again in season 3. There is no word on whether John Corbett will return as Aidan Shaw, though. It might be some time before we learn exactly who is in and who is out for season 3. The cast is not expected to return to the set until at least March 2024. Both Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker have stage commitments that will keep them busy until at least then.