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Andrea Savage from I’m Sorry recently posted a highly comical video of what she was like recovering from surgery. The comedian’s latest episode was a true story about how she had surgery to remove excess breast tissue.

The episode, titled, Extra Boobs recounted a time when Savage visited her physician to learn that in a small percentage of women, breast tissue can meandor to other areas of the body. In Savage’s case it was under her armpits.

In true form, Savage severely poked fun at the situation and (somehow) made the entire scenario funny in the episode. She also tweeted additional information about the condition, “This isn’t to scare you. This is to inform you. Trust me. #survivor New episode #ExtraBoobs TONIGHT in mere minutes #imsorrytv@trutv#strapin ENJOY??”

This is the best way to treat this condition

Axillary breast tissue only occurs in 2% to 6% of women. Often in the armpit area, the extra tissue may feel lumpy and even sensitive at times. During the episode of I’m Sorry, Savage described similar symptoms to her doctor.

Some women may reduce excess tissue using liposuction. The surgeon eliminates noticeable scarring by placing the incisions in the folds of the armpit. Following the surgery, patients may feel some discomfort, bruising and swelling.

Savage decides to try out for ‘Hamilton’ in the recovery room

In true comedic form, Savage was filmed in the recovery room and she was nothing short of hilarious. She posted the 2017 video to Twitter and Instagram. Some fans noted that she is wearing the same glasses after her real surgery that she wore in the episode too.

She wrote, “2017, waking up from the real (3 hr!) #Armtit surgery: Let me say, I have literally no memory of this.” She’s seen coming out of the anthesia saying, “You know what song is in my head?” Alexander Hamilton...”

Savage then belts out a number of tunes from the Broadway musical Hamilton. She is grinning the entire time, with eyes at half mast. She even seems to crack herself up and breaks into gales of laughter. In between songs she adds, “I almost woke up like a human D.J.” She also wondered if she should go on the road with a Hamiton cover band or just join the Broadway show.

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