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There’s a lot going on with the Duggar family — and it seems the majority of the drama is taking place on Instagram. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, along with many of their kids are still featured on TLC’s Counting On, not every family member makes an appearance. Jill and Josh Duggar are noticeably absent and have been for years.

Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, recently took to Instagram to slam Jim Bob Duggar and TLC. As for Josh, he doesn’t have an online presence — but his wife, Anna, does. And she just shared a photo of her with Josh, Jim Bob, and Michelle all spending quality time together. Not only that, but Anna called her love for her in-laws unconditional despite everything that’s going on, which baffled her followers.

Josh Duggar can’t seem to stay out of trouble

There are quite a few Duggars who are causing controversy these days, but Josh’s crimes are quite serious. Back in 2015, information got out that Josh had molested several underage girls when he was a teenager, and a few of them were his own sisters. The police report states the crime originally occurred back in 2002. After that, Josh was sent to a Christian counseling center, and the Duggars attempted to move past the entire incident.

Unfortunately for Josh, this was far from the end of his problems. He was later found to have had an account with cheating website Ashley Madison, and he admitted to having an addiction to pornography. And even more recently, Homeland Security agents were reportedly looking into the business he owns.

Anna has stuck by Josh’s side through thick and thin. While their marriage certainly had some low points, she has no intention of ever leaving his side.

Jim Bob Duggar and Josh reportedly didn’t seem very close as of November 2019

While Jim Bob and Michelle were able to get past what occurred back in 2002, recent events with Homeland Security appeared to bring tension to the Duggar family. While the Duggars took to their family Instagram to announce that Homeland Security wasn’t looking into anything at their Arkansas home, they couldn’t protect Josh.

After the media caught wind of the investigation, Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh, Anna, and Josh and Anna’s children attempted to have a nice family day at Silver Dollar City theme park in Missouri back in November 2019. But an eyewitness told Radar Online that Josh didn’t seem like himself. And it looked like Jim Bob may have been trying to avoid having much interaction with his oldest son.

“They seemed like they were trying to distance themselves,” the eyewitness noted. “We saw Jana off with a female friend, Josh and Anna were by themselves watching their kids go on rides, and then Jim Bob and Michelle were on their own with a little one too.”

Anna Duggar’s followers are shocked she said her in-laws ‘unconditionally’ love her

Despite the report, Anna wants her Instagram followers to know how she feels about Jim Bob and Michelle. “We enjoyed a double date with Pops & Lolli this evening! It means the world to have parents that unconditionally love us and who are there to encourage us along life’s way,” the mother of six captioned her post.

Considering everything Jill Duggar’s husband said about the Duggars, as well as Josh’s sordid past, Anna’s followers are questioning the statement regarding unconditional love. Dillard told his followers that he and Jill aren’t even allowed at the Duggar family home without Jim Bob’s express permission. And he also noted that TLC pressured Jill, who was abused by Josh, to remain on the show no matter what.

“Let’s ask Jill about this supposed unconditional love,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Nice to see they’ll sit down and have a nice dinner with a child molester yet they won’t even allow one of his victims, Lollipops (I rolled my eyes so hard writing this) own child in the house without permission,” another on Reddit wrote.

“Leave the cult and find out just how ‘unconditional’ that love is,” another warned, referencing Jill’s plight.

We doubt Jill or her husband are going to make any positive comments on this Instagram post, as it totally goes against everything Dillard presented to his followers. But it seems Anna is determined to paint a totally different picture.

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