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Months before her death, actor Anne Heche reflected on who she could see playing a younger version of herself in a movie.

Heche died after crashing her car into a home in Los Angeles. She sustained life-threatening injuries and was declared brain dead on August 12. Like many enduring actors, she envisioned which young actor could portray her in a movie of her life, choosing Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell.

Anne Heche said she could see Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell play a young version of herself

“I’ve already thought about it. Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “My next book is coming out and it’s called ‘Call me Sane.’ It is the flip side of the practice of how to get over abuse and how to start the process of living in love with yourself that engages with others and living in love and the kindness when you can bring yourself to others in its full capacity.”

Kristen Bell, and Anne Heche, pose on the red carpet. Miley Cyrus waves at a camera on the street
Kristen Bell, Anne Heche, and Miley Cyrus |Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Raymond Hall/GC Images

“But when I think about those stories and the journey that I’ve gone through, when I think of the rock stars for me and of course, Miley is a rock star who can pull off the humor that I have,” she said.

“I did a movie with Kristen Bell,” Heche recalled. “God bless her. I love her so much. The two of them share a personality ability, to face the world the way that I would want, that I feel like I have, and I would want to be portrayed.”

Why did Anne consider Miley Cyrus to play her?

Why Cyrus? “The fact that she did Hannah Montana,” Heche said. “Now I started as a young actor. I started at 12 supporting my family, but it was in dinner theater. It’s Wayne, New Jersey. People didn’t know anything about it, but making that a hundred bucks a night and going out on stage and doing that was the training.”

“The ability for her to be able to pull off – now I played twins – I’ve seen her in Hannah Montana. To be able to do that, to be able to express that, to be able to be as bold as she’s been going from Disney into you know, ‘Wrecking Ball.’ The way she moves, the way she sees. Her voice, her compassion.” 

“She f***ing loves everyone,” Heche added. “Her ability to get out on stage and sing acapella. That would be the way that I would see pure, pure artists engaging with the world with the best time they could ever possibly have.”

She would love to have played her own mother and have Kristen Bell play her

“That’s why Miley. And I think she’s a f***ing great actress,” Heche said. “Kristen Bell gave me my second Emmy nomination. She and I played a mother and daughter in a Lifetime movie years ago. And Kristen’s again felt like a reflection to me of a dedicated, her ability to tell a story, do it through joy, do it with her personality, charm, gorgeous timing, and humor.” 


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“I see myself a lot in her, so, and I don’t think it was any mistake that I played her mom and I want her to play me. And I could play her mom. I could play my mother. Ooh. B****. That would get some ratings.”