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(L) Sarah Jessica Parker and (R)Matthew Broderick attend an after party
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have often been cited as one of the longest-lasting celebrity couples. They got married in the 1990’s, but since they are often quite private about their relationship, some fans might be wondering if they are even still together. After all, breakups always seem to be inevitable when it comes to Hollywood romances. Read on below to find out where Parker and Broderick are in their love lives right now. 

How Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick first met

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick first met in 1991. They reportedly got acquainted because of Parker’s brothers, who founded the Naked Angels Theater Company. Broderick was directing a play for the company at the time and met Parker because she often visited their rehearsals.

Broderick finally asked Parker out in February 1992, and soon enough, they fell in love.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick had an unconventional wedding

The pair tied the knot in May 1997, and their wedding was anything but traditional.

First off, they kept it a secret from friends and family. Parker and Broderick invited about 100 guests to a synagogue in New York City on their wedding day, though everyone thought that the event was simply a party.

Parker opted for a black Le Fay dress instead of a traditional white gown. In 2016, Parker told Watch What Happens Live: “I just was too embarrassed to spend any time looking for a wedding dress. There was a store that I liked that I knew, and I just went and got whatever they had hanging.” However, she did tell Harper’s Bazaar in 2009 that if they ever renewed their vows, she would wear white this time.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have three children

Parker and Broderick welcomed their first child together in 2002 – a son named James. Then, in 2009, they had twin daughters named Tabitha and Marion.

The couple has hired a couple of nannies throughout the years to help with their children, but they have always been hands-on parents. “That’s something that’s important to both of us,” Parker once shared with Vogue. “We don’t shirk it because what’s the point in having a family if you’re not going to really participate in it, you know?”

Are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick still together?

Fortunately for fans of Parker and Broderick, the two of them are still together. In 2019, they celebrated their 22nd year of marriage, which is no doubt a very impressive number.

As for their secret to longevity, Parker once shared that it came down to simply being friends as a foundation for their relationship.

“I know it sounds dreary and not sexy, but I think the most important part of it is companionship,” Parker said. “For me, it’s about asking myself: who do I want to sit with, in Ireland [where we have a second home]? Who do I want to see those ruins with? Who is still the most challenging to me? Who do I like best?”

Parker has also shared in another interview that they embrace changes in each other. After more than 20 years together, it’s likely that neither of them are exactly the same as they were when they first met. However, instead of stifling changes that come up, they simply allow them to happen and grow with time.

Parker said: “Your needs are shifting. You and your partner are going to change. It seems so silly, but I think you’re very lucky if you like the person. I still just really like him. I’m sure I annoy him, and he annoys me, but I literally learn about him every day. I’m like, ‘You’re doing what? You’re reading what?'”