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MTV’s Are You the One? Season 8, which featured LGBTQ singles for the first time, made history as a diverse cast, winning the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Program in 2020. Following a four-year break, the reality TV dating series has returned for season 9. Where is the cast of Come One, Come All now?

Aasha Wells and Brandon Davis

Miami Beach native Aasha Wells and Brandon Davis of Salt Lake City, Utah, hit it off early in Are You the One? Season 8, eventually becoming the first and only perfect match to live in the Honeymoon Suite.

Following the show, they didn’t pursue a romantic relationship. Aasha still lives in Miami Beach, Florida, and appears to be dating someone. Brandon makes music as Bobbii Brando and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He also recently walked at the Miami Swim Week.

Amber Martinez and Remy Duran

The two had other connections throughout the season and didn’t realize they were perfect matches until shortly before the final ceremony. After the show, she competed in season 36 of the MTV competition series The Challenge, the only person from AYTO? 8 to appear to do so. She remained safe for most of the season until she was eliminated in episode 10. Amber has since relocated from Yonkers, New York, to Los Angeles and has been dating California native Rich Favetta since August 2021.

Following his time on the show, Remy got into a short-lived relationship with co-star Paige Cole. He went on to launch a successful OnlyFans account and has received attention from publications, including Out and Vice. Additionally, Remy began dating Australia-based content creator Zoey Luna, and they welcomed a child, Ari, in July 2021. It doesn’t appear that the two are still together, but they have a close co-parenting relationship. 

Basit Shittu and Jonathan Monroe

Basit knew Jonathan was their perfect match from the show’s beginning, even though he was more interested in someone else. The two eventually connected and became the first couple confirmed as a perfect match only to the viewers. After the show, they attempted to date but decided they were better as friends.

In 2022, the Brooklyn native announced their name change to Arewa Basit. They continue to make music and recently collaborated with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen for “Black.” Jonathan is TikTok famous as he’s accumulated over 2 million followers on the app who watch his curly hair routines. He is in a relationship and plans to move in with his boyfriend.

Danny Prikazsky and Kai Wes

Danny and Kai sat together several times during match-up ceremonies and knew they were each other’s perfect matches. However, Kai strongly connected with another contestant Jenna Brown and refused to let it go.

After the show, the two never pursued a relationship. He is pursuing a career in acting while Kai continues to share content about their journey as a trans nonbinary person. Danny appears single, but Kai is seemingly dating intimacy coach Hunter Rae.

Jasmine Olson and Nour Fraij

After getting into a screaming match, they realized they were perfect matches. It doesn’t seem as though they attempted a relationship after the show, and Nour began dating now husband, Stanley Lee, a few months later.

They welcomed their son Noah in February 2022. Following filming, Jasmine joined the MTV reality show Floribama Shore cast in season 4.

Jenna Brown and Paige Cole

The two began sitting next to each other at ceremonies as the math told them they were a perfect match. She began dating Remy after the season, but it ended in a messy breakup.

Paige recently cleared her Instagram, but it appears she’s single and relocated to New York. Jenna moved to Los Angeles and was in a relationship for a while. However, they broke up at the end of 2022.

Kari Snow and Max Gentile

Max and Kari were attached to other people before realizing they weren’t perfect matches. Therefore, they didn’t link up until the end of the season. She has continued to find love on dating shows, appearing on Netflix’s Sexy Beasts and Perfect Match.

Even though Kari, who went by Kariselle in the series, made connections and got engaged, she’s still single. The reality star continued to pursue a music career and began competing in pageants. Max is currently a manager for producer OddKidOut and frequently attends music festivals.

Justinavery “Justin” Palm and Kylie Smith

The two didn’t appear to have many conversations in the house but ended up together when everyone chose someone else by the end.


‘Are You the One?’ Season 8: Why All the Perfect Matches Make Sense

After the show, Justin and Max attempted to date, but things didn’t work out. He is currently a photographer living in New York City, where he’s in a relationship. Kylie recently appeared in season 2 of Tru Color Network’s LGBTQ Baddies.