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Super Bowl LVIII wasn’t without some Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce PDA. The couple celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs’ overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers with a kiss. No marriage proposal — sorry, Swifties! According to a body language expert, it wasn’t the smooch that demonstrated the “intensity of their love.” Rather, it’s that the two wanted to be with each other after the big win. 

Swift is who Kelce ‘instinctively’ wanted to celebrate with at the Super Bowl

Examining the 14-time Grammy winner’s demeanor at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside her NFL player boyfriend, body language expert Judi James told The Mirror how Swift and Kelce’s celebration on the field hinted at the “intensity of their love.” 

“What these two did do though, was to display the intensity of their love in public for the first time via their body language signals, as well as their compatibility as a couple,” James said. 

“Taylor was always going to fan-girl Travis with one of her encircling hugs,” she continued. “But previously, she has then very maturely stood back to allow him to dominate the spotlight after a win. 

“Here though, their clinging rituals and his constant need to nuzzle her seems to show she’s the place and the person he instinctively wants to dock in with when he’s at the peak of his elation and celebration.”

‘Clinging’ to each other gave a glimpse of the ‘more authentic side’ to Kelce and Swift’s ‘love’

James continued, examining the Kelce and Swift’s embrace on the field. Swift, she explained, used “comfort hugs” that included “rocking and patting.” Meanwhile, Kelce, 34, “clings to her and hides his face in her neck.” 

“Their kiss is the moment the press will adore,” the expert said. “But it’s some of the comfort clinging that defines the more authentic side to their love.” 

“They take it in turns to act like overwhelmed children, first Travis with his nuzzling then Taylor when she wraps her arms around his ribs and clings to him while he looks at the cameras with a grin.”

Since Swift and Kelce began dating in 2023, the “Anti-Hero” singer’s been spotted at more than 11 Chiefs games to cheer on her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kelce supported Swift on tour, attending an Eras Tour concert alongside Swift’s father, Scott Swift, in November 2023. 

What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift said to each other after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl

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Besides the messages their body language conveyed, Swift and Kelce exchanged some words on the field after the Chiefs’ 25-22 victory. After Kelce hugged his mother, Donna Kelce, cameras captured the tight end turning to Swift and saying, “Come here, girl,” (via CNN). 

“Was it electric?” Kelce asked, to which Swift responded, “It was unbelievable. One of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced!”

The Grammy winner could also be heard saying, “I’m so proud of you,” to her NFL player boyfriend. 

Following the game, Swift and Kelce were seen at an after-party and pointing to each other when the pop star’s “You Belong with Me” track played. Later, they were spotted leaving the venue together. 

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