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ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 continues to encourage new love connections — and new breakups. Logan Palmer has been on the beach since the beginning. He had an early connection with Shanae Ankney, but he then moved on to Kate Gallivan. Unfortunately, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note Kate and Logan don’t last, as she allegedly breaks up with him over his lack of money.

[Spoiler alert: Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 spoilers ahead regarding Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer.]

Kate Gallivan is stuck in a love triangle between Hayden Markowitz and Logan Palmer

Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8
Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan seemed in a good place in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 11. Shanae Ankney moved on from Logan, and Logan and Kate were getting to know each other better as they spent more time together. Unfortunately, a newcomer threw a wrench into the romance. Hayden Markowitz headed down to the beach and asked Kate on a one-on-one date. She reluctantly accepted.

“We have a good connection, but what is a relationship if it’s not being tested?” Kate told the cameras about Logan. “So, that’s why I said yes to the date with Hayden.”

Kate spoke to Logan before she went on the date and noted that she hoped Logan would tell her not to go. But she received the opposite response. “I feel like he’s not fighting for me at all,” Kate said. “In fact, I feel like he’s completely asleep at the wheel.”

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers: Kate allegedly breaks up with Logan because of money

Kate Gallivan and Hayden Markowitz didn’t have an ideal date. While speaking one-on-one, Hayden revealed he spent over six figures on giving his dog, Rambo, one extra year to live. “This man paid six figures to give that dog an extra year, maybe — not even certainly,” Kate told the cameras. ” … I don’t know about ya’ll, but I do not have six figures lying around. Unless that man has a tree in his backyard that’s growing money, I think that his priorities are a little misaligned.”

It seems this sticks out in Kate’s mind, though. The Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 12 teaser shows Kate and Logan kissing in the rain. But Kate has reservations. “Logan is really great, but Hayden has money, which we love,” she tells Shanae. “I don’t want to have to carry someone else,” she adds.

According to Bachelor in Paradise spoilers shared by Reality Steve, Kate sends Logan packing due to his lack of money. “On BIP, Lyndsey W. arrived and asked Logan on a date,” Reality Steve tweeted. “Kate didn’t want him going so he told her no. At the next rose ceremony, Logan offered Kate a rose and she said no. Mentioned something about how he drives an orange Nissan and couldn’t afford a certain gym membership.”

Rachel Recchia allegedly makes a cameo on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8 due to Logan

Logan Palmer and Rachel Recchia in 'The Bachelorette'
Logan Palmer and Rachel Recchia in ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: What Is Hayden Markowitz’s Job? He Spent Six Figures on His Dog Rambo

Logan Palmer allegedly sees his ex, Rachel Recchia, during Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Early spoilers suggested Rachel and Gabby head to the beach due to Logan.

“Well, Kate and Logan inevitably end up breaking up in Paradise,” Reality Steve wrote. “Whatever the reasoning is, I guess we’ll have to see it play out, but Gabby and Rachel BOTH were down in Paradise toward the end of filming and they told Kate about Logan and that he was indecisive and whatnot.”

Additional spoilers note Gabby and Rachel head to the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, though it’s unclear why. Gabby will likely address her split from Erich Schwer.

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