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Babysitting is all fun and games unless the kids wake up early from a nap! In Mattel’s animated movie, Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure, Barbie’s younger sister Skipper Roberts starts a babysitting business and babysitting isn’t always smooth sailing.

Premiering March 16 on Netflix, the feature follows longtime beloved characters, but also new characters and two all-new songs.

Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure follows Skipper, whose babysitting business hits a snag. So she takes a summer job at a water park and tries out different jobs with some new friends. A birthday party at the park goes awry and Skipper’s babysitting skills save the day! The success renews Skipper’s confidence in her babysitting business, and she and her new friends start a babysitting squad.

Skipper is challenged on ‘Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure’

In a sneak peek clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, viewers will see exactly what Skipper is up against. During a babysitting gig, Skipper thinks she’ll have a few minutes to relax but accidentally sits on a squeaky duck toy, which starts a chain of events that has her scrambling.

Scene from 'Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure'
Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure | Mattel Television

The noise first wakes up the baby, who begins to wail. Skipper picks up the baby, trying to soothe her in the hopes her crying won’t wake up the rest of the children. But it’s no use, everyone wakes up from their naps. Of course, the first thing out of the kids’ mouths was, “I’m hungry.” And “I’m thirsty.”

It’s also suddenly playtime. “I’m a fire truck!” one child exclaims ready to play. The children are now revved up and start running through the house as Skipper tries to figure out how to restore peace.

How does Skipper try to get the kids to relax?

One strategy Skipper uses is to tell the kids to pretend to be bear cubs and “hibernate!” Her efforts go over the children’s heads because they are fixated on the fire truck game and the running continues. Not only are the children running through the house, but someone is bouncing on a chair. Another child grabs a pitcher filled with water and throws it on the ground.

Skipper is scrambling, while she holds the infant and tries to bring order to the chaos. But it is getting messier and messier. One of the kids knocks over the artist’s easel and paint goes flying all over the house. This babysitting job does not seem to be getting any easier, so how will Skippper get the kids to relax?

What is ‘Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure’ about?

Continuing the success of Mattel Television’s wide array of animated Barbie content, Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure takes viewers on yet another exciting adventure full of friendship, unexpected obstacles, and valuable life lessons. Debuting on Netflix in the U.S. on March 16, the animated special stars innovative, spunky, and tech-savvy teenager Skipper Roberts in her first-ever movie as a title character. 


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As Skipper’s self-started babysitting business begins to falter, her confidence dwindles down and she decides to take a job at a water park for the summer. When a birthday party suddenly goes wrong, Skipper steps in to save the day using her babysitting expertise.

Joined by friends both old and new, Skipper restores her faith in her babysitting abilities and starts an all-new babysitting group with her supportive group of friends. Featuring two new songs, the 60-minute movie captivates both parents and kids of all ages with its relatable storyline and insightful moments of learning. 

Barbie: Skipper and The Big Babysitting Adventure debuts on Netflix in the U.S. on March 16, 2023.