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It looks like there absolutely will be a season of The Golden Bachelorette coming soon. The production company behind the beloved dating show is actively looking for men to serve as suitors for one older bachelorette. While we know we’ll see one of the contestants from The Golden Bachelor get to choose, it doesn’t seem like the network has selected the first-ever golden bachelorette just yet. Social media posts suggest several contestants are still vying for the spot. 

Faith Martin just posted about casting for ‘The Golden Bachelorette’ 

On December 28, Faith Martin took to Instagram to do some marketing for The Golden Bachelorette. Martin, who made it down to the final three on The Golden Bachelor, shared a casting call for the upcoming series. She insisted that mature men who signed up would not regret the experience. Some fans took the free marketing as a sign that Martin would be the first-ever golden bachelorette, but nothing appears to be set in stone. 

Faith Martin holding a rose next to Gerry Turner in 'The Golden Bachelor'
Faith Martin in ‘The Golden Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

A couple more contestants showed up in the comments section to praise the show. Susan Noles noted that they would all love to be the first golden bachelorette. Joan Vassos teased that one of them would be there to greet the men who had signed up. Martin, Noles, and Vassos appear to be throwing their hats into the ring, we can surmise that a golden bachelorette still needs to be selected. 

Martin made it furthest into the competition. She did not receive one of the two finalist roses. Vassos bowed out of the competition to attend to her daughter, who was diagnosed with postpartum depression. Susan Noles was eliminated during week 5. She later revealed that she and Gerry quickly settled into the friend zone during the contest. 

Who do fans want to see the most?  

The Golden Bachelor was something of a surprise hit. Very few people thought the series would have such intense engagement and an outspoken fan base. Since the first episode, fans have been taking to social media to discuss the first-ever golden bachelor and the bevy of ladies who vied for his attention. The series is officially over, but the interest has not dissipated. Now that Gerry Turner has found love in Theresa Nist, fans are sounding off about who they’d like to see become the first-ever golden bachelorette. 

Leslie Fhima in 'The Golden Bachelor' finale standing by herself and looking pensive
Leslie Fhima in ‘The Golden Bachelor’ | ABC/John Fleenor

Joan Vassos Would Totally Appear on ‘The Golden Bachelorette,’ but She’d Like to See the Show Have a Twist

A few names continue to be brought up time and time again. Some fans would like to see Leslie Fhima get a chance to find love after Gerry Turner so brutally led her on. Other fans think someone like Susan Noles would make for a fun golden bachelorette. Susan’s energy was the best in the house. While she didn’t have a love connection with Gerry, her positive attitude was refreshing. 

Faith Martin and Joan Vassos have also been identified by fans as potential bachelorettes. It doesn’t seem like any of those women are opposed to the idea of doing the picking. Fans may get to see one of their favorites become the bachelorette. White that will happen, however, is anyone’s guess.