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Chef Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck shared that there’s certainly no love lost when it comes to her working relationship with chief stew Francesca Rubi.

Rachel Hargrove
Rachel Hargrove | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

She previously hinted that the relationship was lukewarm, but recently tweeted that she can’t stand the look of her face. A fan asked about the dynamic between Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters and Elizabeth Frankini. Frankini confided in Wouters about the anxiety she experienced while working for Rubi. Wouters agreed as she was relieved to be transferred from working in the interior to the deck team.

Wouters sided with Frankini and agreed that Rubi was being hard on her. “I didn’t see everything, and I understand why Fran had issues with Liz. But I saw the nit picking and constant berating and didn’t condone it or feel it was fair,” Wouters tweeted during the latest episode.

That’s when Chef Rachel said it was ‘game over’ for her

Hargrove shared her opinion of Rubi on the thread. “It was game over for me,” she wrote. “She just talked mad sh*t about too many people to me. I can’t even stand the look of her face now.”

Rubi and Hargrove shared a cabin and Hargrove was often seen listening to Rubi’s complaints about Frankini. At the same time, Frankini confided in Hargrove about Rubi too, leaving the chef stuck in the middle.

A fan responded to Hargrove’s comment unsure what other “sh*t” they missed. “Yeah you might see it.. editing is dragging its t*ts through the mud and reaching for ratings,” she replied.

Chef Rachel said ‘it is what it is’ when it came to Francesca Rubi

Hargrove and former chief stew Kate Chastain are friends and they worked together before Chastain joined the show. And while Hargrove would have likely preferred to have worked with Chastain, she said Rubi just wasn’t her cup of tea.

“It is what it is,” she told Decider. “It’s growing pains. At the same time, too, I knew Kate [wouldn’t be there]. And then she and I were in communication, really. Then I had the opportunity to do the show, and I was really excited. I was like, ‘Yeah, finally!’ After seven years of hearing about casting messaging me, finally I said, ‘Let’s do it.’ And then they were like, ‘Let’s go.’”


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 “I really thought, at some point, I was like, Kate’s going to come back,” Hargrove said. “We’re friends, we’ve worked together. But it’s just working with a different dynamic, too. It is what it is.”

Another chief stew Hargrove would have vibed with is Hannah Ferrier. The two exchanged some funny and sarcastic banter. Ferrier even said it wasn’t fair that Rubi got such a fantastic chef for her first season.

“What I would have given to work with Rachel,” Ferrier wrote in a tweet. “Seriously – I put in 4 seasons and get a chef that microwaves steaks and Francesca is a newbie and gets the best chef in the history of the Below Deck franchise…?! Doesn’t seem fair…”