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Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean may have broken the fourth wall a few times last year, glaring at the camera when Captain Sandy Yawn announced Christine “Bugsy” Drake would return, but she also recently shared that she purposely broke the fourth wall every year to sing “Happy Birthday” to her favorite cameraman.

Hannah Ferrier used to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her favorite ‘Below Deck Med’ cameraman every year

Ferrier discussed the strict fourth wall on her podcast Dear Diary, You’re Effed. She hosted friend and former Below Deck Med chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran who reflected on working with cameras following him. “The fourth wall when it comes to Below Deck is very, very strict,” Ferrier said. “Like you’re not even supposed to say like ‘Good morning.’ Or ‘Bye’ or nothing to camera and audio.”

Below Deck Mediterranean's Hannah Ferrier calls the crew using her radio
Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Hannah Ferrier calls the crew using her radio | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“Actually it’s a funny story because I had one camera guy that was on every single season with me,” she recalled. “And basically he would wear this ridiculous pair of birthday board shorts once a year on his birthday. So he could be filming me and I would be like shaking a cocktail, going like, ‘Happy birthday to ya!’ And he’s like filming me going like, ‘Hannah!'”

Chef Kiko became friends with a ‘Below Deck Med’ cameraman

“And all the stewardesses were like, ‘Who is she singing to?'” Ferrier laughed. “What is going on? Is it one of the charter guests’ birthdays? And I’m like no nothing. Just like my favorite camera guy’s birthday.”

“You just know there’s a producer in the control room going like, ‘Hannah! Fourth wall!'” she laughed.

Lorran said despite having the fourth wall, he became friends with a cameraman from his season. “The one who was in the kitchen all the time, he became my friend,” he said. “You’re not supposed to talk or anything. But after that, it’s OK.”

‘Below Deck Med’ producers stopped filming to care for Hannah Ferrier

Despite strict fourth wall rules, Below Deck Mediterranean producers would stop what they were doing to ensure Ferrier was OK when she’d be experiencing a panic attack or anxiety. Ferrier shared a sweet photo of producer Nadine Rajabi trying to feed her when she experienced anxiety on the show.

“The reality of filming Below Deck!” Ferrier captioned the moment on her Instagram story. “Production trying to feed me when I have anxiety and I’m not eating.” 

Hannah Ferrier recalled lying behind a couch during a panic attack on ‘Below Deck Med’

Ferrier shared on the Berning in Hell podcast what it was like to face a panic attack on the show. “Season 1 I will never forget this and I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this,” she recalled. “I had the worst panic attack, and I was laying down behind a couch on the boat. And I removed my microphone, and I could hear the cameras trying to find me.”


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“I was having an anxiety and panic attack,” she continued. “And trying to just breathe but I didn’t want them to hear where I was. That was probably a sign I shouldn’t have gone back,” she chuckled. “When you are cowering behind a couch on like day 30 of your job. Maybe leave?”