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Even though Beyoncé has a larger-than-life presence on stage, that’s not really the case when it comes to her tattoos. The singer has two minimalistic tats on her fingers, which are so small, you have to look extra close to catch sight of them.

While many have known of Bey’s tiny ink for years, it turns out that the subtle designs aren’t the only ones she’s had etched into her skin.

Beyoncé | BET Awards 2020/Getty Images via Getty Images

Beyoncé got her first tattoo in her early 20s

Let’s be honest: not everyone falls in love with their first tattoo after seeing it on their body for the first time. While some might think their new ink looks cool and fresh in the moments following their session, others experience instant regret, which is exactly what Beyoncé felt the day after getting her first tattoo.

When she was 21, Bey had an angel she painted herself tattooed on her left hip, which likely symbolized her religious faith. Though the ink was Beyoncé’s own work of art, she immediately regretted her decision and started the process of removing it right away.

“I actually did get a tattoo of an angel that I had painted. It was very, very beautiful. But the next day I woke up, and I was like, ‘Oh my God! What did I do?'” the singer recalled during a 2010 interview with People. “So literally the next week, I started getting it removed. It’s gone now. I went through so many years of pain. I wish I’d taped it for young people to see.”

After reminiscing about her rash judgment in her younger years, Beyoncé shared whether she’d ever get another tattoo. While permanently marking her body again didn’t sound ideal at that moment, Bey shared that getting another piece of ink in the future wasn’t entirely off of the table.

“I’m a person who is constantly evolving. So now that I’ve learned that about myself, it doesn’t make sense for me to get a tattoo,” she added. “When I’m older, or have children, or something more permanent-something that’s going to be forever-then maybe.”

Beyoncé has since chosen her ink carefully

Years after getting her angel tattoo removed from her body, Beyoncé got her second piece of ink in 2008 when she married her husband, Jay-Z.

Bey and Jay got matching Roman numeral fours on their left ring fingers in place of traditional wedding bands to celebrate their union. Since the pair tied the knot on Apr. 4 (4/4), the tattoos’ symbolic meaning is pretty straightforward.

But, the number four has even more significance in Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s lives than just being the day they exchanged vows.

In addition to both them having birthdays on the fourth of the month — Beyoncé on Sept. 4 and Jay-Z on Dec. 4. — the couple was also rumored to have picked the middle name “Ivy” for their oldest daughter, Blue Ivy, as a unique way to recognize the roman numerals I and V put together.

Though the singer has been rocking the four tattoo on her ring finger for the last few years, that’s actually not the only tiny ink that graces her left hand.

A few months after her twins were born in 2017, Beyoncé debuted a tattoo of three little dots on her left ring finger.


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Though the “Halo” singer never confirmed the ink’s meaning, it’s been speculated that the three dots symbolize each of her three children: Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi Carter.