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During Brandon Frenchie’s chaotic Head of Household reign that kicked off Big Brother 23, he attempted to target Alyssa Lopez, believing she and “meathead” Christian Birkenberger began “showmancing it up” and wanting to separate them. However, they successfully convinced the “showmance killer” otherwise, leading him to backdoor another houseguest. A week later, Christian and Alyssa have seemingly proved Frenchie right all along.

Big Brother 23 Sea Glass Room bedroom
Big Brother 23 Sea Glass Room bedroom | Scott Storey/CBS/Getty Images

Frenchie targeted Christian and Alyssa during his Head of Household

Shortly after becoming the captain of the Jokers, Brandon “Frenchie” French’s team led him to his first Head of Household title.

After promising safety to several houseguests, he made it clear he wanted to target a “meathead,” not wanting to go after a minority or woman. Therefore, he targeted Brent Champagne before the two bonded over a deep conversation.

He then moved on to Christian Birkenberger, but it didn’t last long as he won safety in the Wildcard competition. As a result, Frenchie targeted Alyssa Lopez, nominating her alongside pawn Kyland Young, as he believed she and Christian were “showmancing it up.”

However, they convinced him that wasn’t the case. Therefore, he ended up backdooring another “meathead,” Travis Long.

Christian and Alyssa seemingly getting into a showmance

Even though Christian and Alyssa, who worked together as part of the Kings, claimed they had no romantic interest in each other, only associates as teammates, they began to get closer over the next week.

During Week 2, when Frenchie found himself on the block and the clear choice to go home, the two became more open about their showmance.

Following the Veto Ceremony, they cuddled on the hammock for a while, discussing random topics and telling each other stories before denying their involvement to Derek Frazier.

They also continued trying to convince one another they weren’t in a showmance before admitting they should try to keep their relationship under covers.

Christian spoke to Tiffany Mitchell about it, claiming he thought Brent might try to target them due to jealousy as he’s already expressed his attraction toward Alyssa.

Additionally, Christian talked to Britni D’Angelo as he feared his showmance would paint him as a target. Even though she advised him to hang out with Alyssa in groups to avoid the label, Christian hopped into bed with her shortly following the conversation.

The two spent a few hours of the night cuddling one another, whispering, laughing, and rubbing each other’s backs until he returned to his bed before the other houseguests woke up.

The new showmance might become the next target

Before Christian and Alyssa became more public about their relationship, several aligned houseguests, including Azah Azum, Claire Rehfuss, Derek Xiao, Hannah Chaddha, and Tiffany, have already expressed their interest in targeting Brent and Whitney Williams next.

The two frequently hang out together and are individually seen as strong physical competitors, making them the biggest threats following Frenchie’s likely eviction.


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However, Christian, who has already proven his ability to win a competition, and Alyssa, who has demonstrated her strategic understanding of the game, could poise as a more powerful power duo, resulting in the houseguests wanting to separate them before Brent and Whitney.

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