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Big Brother 24 fans, including four-time Houseguest Janelle Pierzina, picked Michael Bruner as their early favorite to win the season. Therefore, they were excited when he began winning several competitions and joined celebrated alliance, The Leftovers. However, many viewers are turning on Michael and not rooting for him to win anymore.

Many viewers initially rooted for Michael Bruner to win ‘Big Brother 24’

When CBS released the cast list for Big Brother 24, many viewers declared Michael Bruner one of their early favorites, primarily due to his super fandom and friendship with Taylor Hale.

He quickly lived up to expectations by saving himself from becoming the first Houseguest evicted with a Power of Veto win.

The Minnesota-based lawyer then went on a run, winning a total of four POVs and a Head of Household in the first five weeks. However, after his HOH reign, his approval rating with the audience seemed to decrease.

They complained about his social game, noting how much time he spends with his closest ally Brittany Hoopes. The two are annoyed about their position in their seven-person alliance, The Leftover but haven’t attempted to form many strong relationships outside each other.

Fans are beginning to turn on Michael

Many fans began definitively turning on Michael during Week 6 when he and Brittany appeared to agree with Kyle Capener’s controversial idea to team up against the others in their alliance, who are people of color.

His choice to warn Kyle that HOH Taylor planned to backdoor his showmance Alyssa Snider didn’t do much to win anyone back. Additionally, he exposed the Leftovers to Indy Santos in his goodbye video, likely an attempt to earn jury votes.

During Week 7, when the house divided for the Split House twist, Michael admitted he planned to use Kyle’s proposal for them to team up against Leftover members Monte Taylor, Joseph Abdin, and Taylor as a strategy for the three to go after Kyle, his intended target.

Therefore, fans have found themselves rooting against him, with one noting they’re ready for his inauthenticity to get exposed.

Michael currently has six competition wins

During Michael’s HOH reign in Week 5, he enacted revenge on Daniel Durston, who nominated the superfan in Week 1. Sensing he was the target, Michael won the first Veto of the season.

Before exiting the competition, Daniel called out the Minnesota native as the Houseguest would likely win the season, referring to him as one of the “best players” to have played in a while. Even though he pointed out Michael’s resume in his exit speech, the other Houseguests didn’t seem swayed and weren’t naming the lawyer as someone they considered the biggest threat in the house, instead focusing on Monte.


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However, Michael knew his threat level and attempted to lower it by saving showmance Kyle and Alyssa, considering them bigger targets than him. Additionally, he wants to create conflict within the alliance, so the Leftover members go after each other and forget about him.

So far, it’s apparently working as players including Alyssa, Kyle, Monte, and Joseph appear to remain topics of discussion over Michael and his six competition wins. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.