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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Live Feeds until 7/22/2022.]

During Big Brother 24 Week 3, Joseph Abdin and Matt “Turner” wanted revenge for their evicted ally. After discovering the culprit, the group pulled in other Houseguests to form a seven-person alliance and plan to flip the house.

Joseph Abdin figured out that Ameerah Jones flipped the votes against Pooch Pucciarelli

After Matt “Turner” won Head of Household, he made it clear he wanted revenge for whoever masterminded Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli’s eviction. Initially, many Houseguests threw Taylor Hale under the bus, claiming she engineered the blindside.

However, Joseph Abdin, another ally of Pooch, didn’t believe it. In a conversation with the HOH, Kyle Capener, and Monte Taylor, Joseph pointed out that whoever convinced the majority of the house to evict Pooch over Taylor, who has served as the primary target for the past two weeks, is a dangerous competitor.

They began discussing Ameerah Jones, who engineered Pooch’s blindside, and referred to her as a “machine” as she previously admitted to doing nearly anything for a shot at the prize.

Joseph agreed, noting he felt Ameerah could win the game. The group also realized that they were going after the lesser targets while the girls already began taking huge shots. Additionally, Joseph pointed out that Pooch’s targets figured out he planned to come after them following conversations with Ameerah, which ultimately led to the flip.

The Leftovers have formed and plan to flip the votes against Ameerah Jones

Finally, the Florida-based lawyer revealed he realized Ameerah masterminded his ally’s eviction when she got upset after Turner’s victory and fought for her immediate backdoor.

Kyle initially wanted to continue targeting Taylor but suggested they invite her and nominees Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes into the fold to pull it off. The guys figured out they could convince Brittany to join them as she doesn’t have many other options, and Kyle pointed out they needed Taylor around this week for another number.

While Joseph wants to figure out a way to play the backdoor, so it doesn’t draw lines, Monte pointed out that Ameerah already did by masterminding the Pooch blindside. After the conversation, they successfully pulled in Brittany, Michael, and Taylor as planned, forming a seven-person alliance, the Leftovers.

Currently, it’s the biggest group in the house. Michael and Brittany won the Power of Veto, the former’s third in a row, resulting in Turner having to name another Bestie pair as nominees. The group plans to backdoor Ameerah and her partner, Terrance Higgins, with the former as their primary target.

Ameerah engineered Pooch’s blindside

During Big Brother 24 Week 2, HOH Jasmine Davis initially wanted to target Taylor, as she barely escaped eviction.

Pooch offered himself as a pawn, believing it would guarantee her exit from the house. Ameerah quickly pointed out that they should use the opportunity to turn on Pooch, noting they might not have another chance.


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After conversations with other Houseguests who revealed they didn’t mind if Pooch exited that week, Jasmine agreed to pull the trigger.

Michael won the Veto, keeping her nominations the same, and the players unanimously sent Pooch packing. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.