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Many Big Brother 24 fans were rooting for Monte Taylor to win the final Head of Household competition, but they didn’t want him to win the game. The audience this season has been unanimous in their support for Taylor Hale. And everyone knew Monte would take her to the end because he thought he could easily beat her. But he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Monte Taylor, who was the runner-up of 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, wears a dark blue floral button-up shirt.
Monte Taylor | Photo: CBS

Taylor won over Monte in the ‘Big Brother 24’ finale

Taylor put in the work to ensure that Monte would bring her to the final two over Matthew Turner in the weeks leading up to the Big Brother 24 finale. She reminded him that Turner was a big threat to win the game because of his resume. However, what they never accounted for was Turner’s terrible jury management. Nevertheless, Monte won the final HOH and evicted Turner.

After Turner joined the jury, they asked Monte and Taylor questions about their game. Whereas Taylor, an expert public speaker, eloquently explained her thought process throughout the season, Monte seemed to stumble a bit with his answers. And when it came time for their final pleas, Taylor gave the best Big Brother finale speech of all time, making Monte’s speech forgettable.

In the end, Taylor won in a landslide. Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, Terrance Higgins, Michael Bruner, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes voted for her to win. Turner was the only vote for Monte.

The runner-up shares his fatal mistake

Following the Big Brother 24 finale, Monte spoke with ET Canada about his game and why he thinks he lost.

“In that moment, I felt as though the jury would have looked at Turner’s game and said his resume outmatched mine,” the runner-up revealed. “And that’s purely what the conversation would have been about: him taking out bigger threats than me, taking on more risk. Even though I might have won more competitions, I felt like that’s what the story and the narrative would have been. And I thought he would’ve out-edged me in the jury.”

Monte added, “Whereas, with Taylor, I thought if we were looking at things very objectively from our game, I felt like I had more margin with her. But I completely underestimated her ability to communicate her journey throughout this entire summer. And how much it resonated not only with the women in the jury but also the men in the jury who saw that being a great representation of season 24.”

“[I’m] completely proud of her. Very impressed,” he concluded. “And happy for her because I said early on in the season, if I was going to lose to somebody, I would love to lose to the first African American woman winner of Big Brother.”

To summarize why Monte believes he lost Big Brother 24, he underestimated Taylor.


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Why Monte really lost ‘Big Brother 24’

Although Monte did lose because he misread Taylor’s fantastic gameplay and jury management, that’s not the only reason he fell short of the $750,000 grand prize. Monte made the mistake that numerous Big Brother runner-ups have made over the seasons — he got too cocky.

Monte was confident that he would win in the weeks leading up to the finale. He knew both Taylor and Turner would bring him to the end. And Monte thought because he won a few competitions and was part of the reason why Michael left, the jury would reward him for that.

Monte’s confidence clouded his judgment and made him blind to what was right in front of him — Taylor’s karma. Taylor played a flawless social game and made her greatest enemies fall in love with her. She would win no matter who she sat next to in the final two.

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