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The Big Brother 24 cast is getting to know each other. But the women in the house are already divided. Paloma Aguilar had a lot to say about Taylor Hale in the diary room in the newest episode.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode that aired on July 10, 2022.]

Paloma calls Taylor’s game ‘old’

The July 10 episode showed Taylor spending a lot of time with the men in the house. She explained her strategy.

“I’m trying to bond with the guys,” Taylor said in the diary room. “I’m really nervous they already got this all-guys alliance. So the best thing I can do is try to play their rules and play their game. Playing a little bit of pool is an easy way to hear how they talk and communicate so I can infiltrate, speak their language, and talk game with them.”

Monte Taylor called Taylor attractive, pretty, and competitive in his diary room. However, the other ladies weren’t impressed by the pageant queen.

“My initial impression of Taylor is she wants to try to like use her beauty to lure men, which is a strategy that is so like old,” Paloma said in the diary room. “Like her demeanor comes across even more cocky when she’s not trying to make an effort with women. She’s just digging that hole for herself with the girls.”

All of the women except for Taylor and Nicole Layog met later. That includes Paloma, Ameerah Jones, Brittany Hoopes, Jasmine Davis, Alyssa Snider, Indy Santos. They made an alliance called the Girls Girls together. They also pointed out how much of a pageant girl Taylor is.

‘Big Brother 24′ fans call Paloma’ catty’ for her comments about Taylor

Palomar Agular smiles in an orange top in 'Big Brother 24' cast photo.
Palomar Agular, houseguest on ‘Big Brother 24’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Fans shared their reactions to the episode on Reddit. Some people had something to say about how Paloma talked about Taylor.

“Paloma is so catty my god,” one fan wrote.

“Pretty dumb reason for Taylor to be in trouble for,” someone else added.

“Paloma didn’t like how Taylor breathed outside,” one person claimed.

Another fan wrote, “not paloma with the internalized misogyny and degrading of other confident women.”

Former houseguests have also weighed in on the situation in the house. This is because Taylor has been isolated from everyone else on the live feeds.

The Cookout defends Taylor Hale

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Last season’s winner, Xavier Prather is paying close attention to this current season. On July 10, he tweeted a statement, “The treatment of Taylor in #BB24 is a prime example of why The Cookout was formed. Members of the black community (especially black women) and other people of color stand no chance in the Big Brother house due to the perpetuation of micro-aggressions and unconscious biases which plague our society.”

“I acknowledge my shortcomings during my time on Big Brother and can’t help but feel partially responsible for some of the reprehensible behavior I see being exhibited from current houseguests who consider me one of their ‘favorites’,” he continued. “For that, I’d like to apologize for being an accessory to an ongoing issue.” He later called for change.

Azah Awaum replied to his statement with “thank you.” Tiffany Mitchell tweeted in response to Prather, “I’m already emotional today and you’re making me cry. I love you X. It’s difficult to express how I feel about our season because I am just now realizing that I’m hurt. I do forgive you because I love you and I know your intentions where not malicious, and we are all learning.”

The Big Brother 24 episode later showed Paloma talking to Daniel Durston, who is Head of Household, about how the women don’t trust Taylor. He made his nominations for the block, and he chose Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner.